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The Machine Shop Category is for discussion of machining, CNC and governance of the committee.

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Here are some links to new users that can be useful. We do try to keep our Wiki updated. PLEASE Read & understand the rules on the Wiki. If you have any doubts reach out to the current chair or vice chairs.

Machine Shop Wiki

Any issue/problem, open a ticket via this link Issues & Requests

Our Committee Meetings are every 4th Saturday at 5pm.

Our Bridgeport & Lathe training currently have a self study portion. This makes the classes shorter. In addition by sending a password it allows up to better gauge the interest & put classes up as demand increases.

If you have previous experience with machining, we do tend to give a brief overview & questioning to authenticate your experience. This is usually done on committee meeting days either before or after the meeting. Other times can be done at the will of the person helping you.

The Bridgeport Training requires a self study training before the machine side training can be given.

Here are the links to the videos, made by MIT, that help familiarization which aids in the self study.

Bridgeport Mill Video 1
Bridgeport Mill Video 2
Bridgeport Mill Video 3
Bridgeport Mill Video 4

Here is the link for the Bridgeport Mill self-study quiz.

Bridgeport Mill Self Study & Quiz

At this point in time the answers need to be emailed to

[email protected]

The Lathe has very similar training.

Here are the MIT videos to help with the self study

Lathe Video 1
Lathe Video 2
Lathe Video 3

Here is the link to the Lathe training.
Colchester Lathe Self study & Quiz

The Haas Milling machine.
The HAAS VF2 Milling Machine Requires a prerequisite of having the Bridgeport Training. The reason for this is we want you to have some sort of hand experience. You will have an idea of what you are doing & how operations should work.

At the time of writing, It is a 2 part class with $55 cost. After you do your domino, You will submit your file at which $20 is due to the person taking the time to check you out at the machine itself.

The HAAS Wiki

Sherline Mill & Lathe
Both require training to use.

Sherline Lathe information

Sherline Lathe Wiki

Sherline Mill information

Sherline Mill Wiki

The Cold Saw & Evolution Saw both require training but is about 10 minutes long. This spot training is usually given after any of the classes except the Haas.

If the Cold Saw blade is broken while using it we will request $75. If you suspect an issue with the saw, do not use it.