MultiCam SIG The Multicam SIG category is a place for SIG members to communicate ideas, tasks and status of projects related to operability of the CNC Router. The Multicam is a specialized and versatile computer controlled router that was a $30,000 DMS investment. The goal of the SIG is to identify appropriate consumables inventory, modifications, and preventive maintenance tasks, then document same, and develop a staffing/implementation plan that will optimize the Multicam CNC Router in keeping with the needs of the Dallas Makerspace membership. As changes are made, the SIG will develop secondary training for members as situations dictate. At the present time, the SIG scope does not include design software issues and training which is currently handled by qualified instructors.
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Woodshop has restructured the classes required to use the power tools. You can find information at these links: Woodshop wiki page, lists training required If you were previously certified, you will need to be recer…

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