Anyone want some green cedar elm for turning?

I picked up a trailer of fresh cut cedar elm today. I wont use a bunch of it at least fot a while. If anyone is interested in some, let me know. You are welcome to pickup in Mckinney or ill be at dms on Saturday if not before. I cant load the big stuff by myself, so youll need to pick it up or take it after i cut it down to size.

Range from 12 to 18 in diameter


I’d like some to make a few bowls, how much $ are you wanting?

Your welcome to some. No charge. I’ll be up there Wednesday evening for a class. I can leave some for you then. I’ll put your name on them and find a shelf In woodshop storage area.

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Amazing! Thank you!

Can I jump on the free wood bandwagon? I’m always looking for wood to turn.

Sure. I’ll cut a few and bring them Wednesday afternoon

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Thank you. I’ll head up there after dropping my daughter off at Jiu Jitsu.

Would you please leave a little for me? You may put them in blacksmithing with my name on them if you would prefer. It may get a little congested in the wood shop. Thanks so much for offering the wood to us. My name is Dan Henderson if you want to label it.

I would love some, when can i come get some?

I’ll be bringing some up there tomorrow, Wednesday, in the afternoon. I’ll find a place to leave it with yalls names on it

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Or if you want to pickup in Mckinney, call or text me for address. 214-471-6778

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I’ll be in the space tomorrow evening, so that works for me.

I left several pieces on the floor of storage shelves at the far end of woodshop area. All 3 names are on the sheet. Help yourselves. Thanks


I will be unable to come by and pickup any so if other would like mine feel free to take it.

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Thank you Brian! I’ll come pick up later tonight.

Thanks Brian,

I picked a couple pieces last night and scratched my name off the list.

thanks @Briang284 i took one, and it looks great

If you still have some pieces I can possibly pick up in Mckinney

Text me when you want to come by. 214-471-6778

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Used one of those logs to make a bowl. Thanks again for the wood!

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