Request for CNC Training

Hey everyone!

Is there anyone willing to do 1:1 training or a class on CNC?

I would only need to learn how to use the xcarve, not the massive CNC.

My project is as simple as it gets - a repeated series of straight lines. So I really just need to know the basics.

I can offer a fee/6 pack/something for your time.


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Hi, Miles,

I can help you out, but I’m currently out of town for a family emergency and won’t be able to schedule something with you until likely April. If that’s ok with you, you can email me at [email protected] the beginning of April with your design or at least a detailed description of it and your availability.

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I too would like some X-Carve training. I am making an immersive speaker array (Dolby ATMOS) and need to build 12 identical speakers. I am getting components from Parts Express. It is their C-Note kit. IT ships with mdf box parts but I want to use 1/2 Birch Plywood for a couple of reasons It is pretty simple and I envision making a jog to hold the front and back pieces with the X-Carve cutting out the driver holes with a routed inset for the Tweeter. See attached.

SpeakerBoxDiagram.pdf (443.8 KB)

I was looking around to see if there are any CNC training classes? I am interested in the big CNC, but will take the X-Carve training as well. I’d like to know more!

The xcarve team volunteers are busy working through a full controller replacement. They are updating the machine so members can aren’t required to pay $25 monthly for full featured software to run it. The new cpu box arrived today.

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