Woodshop Orientation

A two new members are in a class with me asking if there will be another woodshop orientation any afternoon besides Wednesday. They are having trouble with talk so I said I’d ask.

Thank you.

Here’s one for Thursday:

That one has some open spots left when I typed this.

You can sort the Calendar by Category/woodworking, and it will show all the classes that are logged that way.

The class on the 11th has now filled up. If they didn’t get in, I’ve got another session pending approval on the 25th. @TSki also teaches woodshop safety regularly too, so he might throw up another session on calendar soon.

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Approved and some characters

I realized there is a conflict with Meet The Candidates, so I’ll have to move the S&O to another day next week. Let me check my schedule.

I’m having trouble finding where to sign up for woodworking orientation. Any help would be appreciated :pray:

Here is a direct link to the calendar, with a filter for woodworking classes. At the moment the Safety and Orientation classes are all full but I bet there will be more soon.


Much appreciated :pray: