Please report Break/Fix type issues for 3D Fab Equipment via the ISSUES & REQUESTS category

Please use the “Issues & Requests” category to report ANY hardware break/fix issues with any 3D Fab Equipment:

The issues and requests associated with 3D Fab equipment will be monitored by PolyPrinter staff and the 3D Fab Chairperson (and potentially others as deemed necessary by the 3D Fab chairperson).

Hardware issues with PolyPrinter printers will be handled by PolyPrinter, and other hardware issues will be reviewed by the current 3D Fab Chairperson (for them to either repair it themself or refer out, if warranty repairs are required, etc…).

REMEMBER: Only PolyPrinter Staff and 3D Fabrication Chairpersons are authorized to perform maintenance, adjustments and repairs on the PolyPrinter printers. Under no circumstances is anyone else authorized to perform work on them. This includes adjusting the z-height using the physical knob on the printer:

For more information about reporting an issue or making a request, please review this post:

All tech support and non-tech support discussion should continue here on the TALK forums and/or the 3D Fab Google Hangouts chat (please ask if you’d like to be added to our chat…).

Thanks, Y’all!


Hi Lisa, there’s a typo in the link at the top of this post.

Thanks for all you do!

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Thanks for catching that, fixed.

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Thanks for the head’s up and kind words Luke (@clockspot)!
…and thanks for fixing it Kent (@Kentamanos)!
:slight_smile: :slight_smile:

This information is out of date, correct?

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Yes. We use the forums now.


I’ve updated the post. Thanks for the head’s up! :dms:

Thanks for confirming it for him in the meantime! :dms:


Hi I am unable to access the issues and requests page although im logged in. Polyprinter 92 cannot be connected to via octoprint and same for 94. Thank you

Issues & Requests is “inside the firewall”. Click on the post below and it will tell you how to request your green dot that will give you visibility into the members only categories.