Future Tech - Upcoming VCC Project ideas


In this article we’ll cover the bases and teasers for upcoming project capabilities that is going to be on display and held in the Interactive computer museum. Thanks to the efforts going into CommunityGrid from some key volunteers things like the following are possible.


Imagine a world where you walk up to a workstation with an AI avatar running and when you set down your phone it loads up your desktop but that desktop exists in the cloud and has only the tools you need for that day’s work and the results from the day’s prior AI driven development and simulation.


Well that tech stack already exist. Tensorflow, ROS can control drones, HAAS.IO and MQTT function as an automation control plane with voice control and NFC. Docker swarm enables serverless and cloud based software which powers the rest of the system.


Because, it’s what we envisioned in the 80’s that computers could do.

Plus, who else is going to run a PDP11 and BBS in the cloud along side with wopr

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When I enlisted in USAF I was made an “operator” on all things computer. Since I was in a guard unit our connectivity was by submitting punch card jobs to the “mainframe” computers, either Univac 1100s or Burroughs 3500s through a Honeywell 716. The Honeywell required you to boot it with paper tape by loading the boostrap loader in octal through a set of flip flop switches on the front panel. After a couple of hundred times doing this you didn’t need to look up the loader instructions any more. It was a delight to see “all dem flashing lights” when it finally booted.

The year — 1978. https://t-lcarchive.org/honeywell-716/ The code was COBOL, of course.

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