Mame Cabinet Project and Classes Announcement

Looks like its time to polish a few threads up from VECTOR into a full on class. @Team_VCC has been in touch with @Shawn_Christian and @Team_Vector to collaborate on a few classes.

In our first round; We’ll be making a full size cabinet to be hosted in the Interactive Computer Museum which runs RetroPI. Why have a full size cabinet in VCC’s ICM? Because after getting a donation of a vintage 19" server computer case that can support multiple motherboards. Rackie McRack will be hosting several retro boards, (some in customized cases, some in drop in configurations) and we’re able to install a kvm switch which the Mame Cab will interface with.

In round two we’ll wire up the DIY USB Arcade kit and a hidden keyboard then setup the RetroPI.

In round three we’ll build custom cases for several retro boards to swap in and out of Rackie McRack and the KVM.

Think of it this way

if you know what these images mean then that’s the inspiration:

Custom vinyls

Yes, we’ll have custom vinyls


A while back I started to document a simple desktop PiArcade kit I designed for members of our robotics team.
Intention was originally to put kits together and sell as a fund raiser, but never really cleaned it up enough. Might get to it sometime though.
In the meantime, here is a link to the GitHub with SCAD generator for laser cuttable enclosure, 3D printable mounts, GPIO interface board (to make wiring solderless and simple), assembly instructions etc…
Should work with most Pi revisions, but was designed for Pi Zero. SCAD model can easily be customized for different sizes, material thickness etc…
Might be interesting to someone :slight_smile:


Personally though I was just going to use Rpi din rail case, a slim mame cab and some hand tools.

But thanks @SteveDC that may come in handy.

You got MAME to run on a PDP-11?

Yes, it can:

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