Show and Tell May 2023

Post a picture and description of anything you are working on this month at the 'Space here!

It can be anything from a small craft project to a large CNC router project to building a table to 3D printing to a science experiment and so much more. There are lots of people doing cool things at DMS all the time, but most of us don’t get to see it. Post it here and share the interesting things you are doing at Dallas Makerspace this month!

Posting here helps not only promote Dallas Makerspace, but could inspire others to make something. It will also help PR post a monthly look at what can be done here on a blog post or other social media (with attribution to each maker of course).

:bulb: NOTE: Please try to include the following on each post, to help make for richer social media content!

  • a decent QUALITY photo
  • a notation about WHAT you’ve made
  • WHO you are (for attribution on the blog)
  • HOW you’ve made it
  • and WHY

I had to make a tensioner for our Honda Accord since my oldest appears to have lost the OEM one. Took a piece of 3/4” cold rolled, faced both ends and chamfered. I then drilled & tapped it for 8mm 1.25. I welded a cut off bolt to act as the tensioning element. I wish I had time to Tig weld it but mig will have to do.


Work in progress, although I’m almost tempted to leave it like this, lol


Made a couple of game accessories for a new official format in Magic The Gathering.
Tried coloring the Birch wood with food coloring, as I had seen online. Everything was cut and engraved with the Thunder laser cutters.


A couple months ago I asked about cutting a small blade for a Kerf knife.

This is the results of my venture. I cut 3 blades from a .033 thick card scraper using a Dremel. In blacksmithing, @coloneldan showed me the KMG grinder, and I took them down to .025. Took the sheet metal class @Mrholthaus and formed the backs. Turned the handles from Cocobolo and Rosewood. Epoxied blade into handle.

Pic is the first test.

My next table I will be making a drawer with Half-Blind Dovetails.


I made this little cover yesterday. Its part of my larger bead roller project:


Needed to make a tramming jig for my CNC:

Process was:
Bandsaw off some stock
Square/face stock in mill
Drill/tap/chamfer center hole
Drill/ream gauge holes
Drill/tap clamp holes
Slitting saw clamp holes
Drill out one side of clamp holes
More Chamfers
Vapor Hone (mainly to see how much machining marks it would erase)
Install shoulder bolt and remove head

First time using a slitting saw, it was exciting

Example use:

Overall I’m pretty happy with it, the vapor hone leaves a decent finish. I need to find less obnoxious washers though.


Rough turned freshly cut (I think) Red Elm, it’s just under 16" across. Jane and I got a shower. I could see the water flying and I had a stream running down my bowl gouge flute.

Final weight was still almost 8.5lbs. Now we play the waiting game as it dries.


Very nice Brooks.

My 6’2" youngest daughter (whose spirit animal is a giraffe) chose Gigi for her name when her granddaughter arrived a year ago. Now that the little one is walking and running, Gigi needed a place to put all the toys she must buy!

A little 5/4 Spanish cedar, lid-stay torsion hinges, a 3D model by my Greek model making goddess Elina Panagakou, some CNC time, nifty character painting by Erika Bauer Thornton of Artist Till Death, and here we are. Interior is 18"x18"x36".


After … some ~3 months … of delay I’ve finally ironed out the design errors in a presentation case:


Love the box Bert. Looking forward to building my seed box at your place. I having fun in Italy at the moment.

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So one year later…

Yes, I started this the same time as the entertainment center I did for my daughter’s completed in May of '22.

This one is going to be more a buffet with utensils, linens, etc in the drawers and platters in the dividers.

In addition, the top has two bandsaw boxes and a turned lidded box I finished with flocking earlier this week.


Beautiful work!


I made another part for my bead roller project last night. It’s a knob for the height adjustment. I used the Tormach profile mode and kinda winged it with the shape.


Those kinda wings might get you into flight!

Walnut bowls from a crotch.


A few larger pieces last month.
36” diameter walnut and matte black resin tabletop. Still trying to decide what to do for the base so it’s hanging on the wall until then.

24” diameter walnut burl and white pigmented resin with two clear top coats. For more porous woods, the two top coats are necessary to get rid of resin dimpling.

And lastly, a bunch of crosses made with real dried flowers and almost entirely made of excess resin. When I do larger pours it’s common I pour a little too much and resin is $$$$ so I use leftovers in these cross molds and always have a few in progress to catch the drips :+1:


Back in Jan @bertberaht posted he had some Red Oak lumber excess. I bought it and started a table for an air fryer. Just finished the project.

Table is 24 x 16 x 31. Has push open shelf and drawer.

Air fryer now has a home, with drawer to store all the shelves and basket. Maybe some other appliance (or 2) will relocate to the “basement”