X-Carve for plastics - what's next?

Saw/heard that plastics has acquired a new x-carve and I wanted to both learn more about it + volunteer to help get it online. I saw that it had been mostly assembled (thanks to whoever did that!) but heard that it is still waiting on a table to be built for it. This is something that I’d like to volunteer to do or to contribute to. Can someone that is formally part of the committee provide any details or point me in the right direction?


If/when machine shop moves we will set it up and get it running. until then it will be stored on a pallet in 102. We have a table, it is currently disassembled and on the same pallet.

Thanks for the response. Are there any contributions that you think could be made in order to help get it online faster? Or is this really just a ‘we have to wait on an expansion process’ scenario?

this is the case. we don’t have the space yet, power, or network capability which is all part of phase 2 expansion.


According to this other post, there are two things that might be useful after the space becomes available to work on it and Nick OK’s it. Timing is everything.

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Thanks, I’ll attend one of the committee meetings and see what I can contribute.

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AFAIK, the “woodshop” Shapeoko can be used for plastics and was in good working order last time I checked (a couple weeks ago). I know there are classes on it periodically as well.


You can do plastic on the Shapeoko 2 and classes seem to happen 1-2 per month. Next one is in the first week of June.

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