Some great donations for the PIG sig

Mr. Steven Goodrich has graciously donated some great items which we have set aside for the Plastics SIG. We scored a contractor saw for which we will put a dedicated plastics blade on. A bench top router table and router. A sander. And more importantly a nice Shapeoko CNC machinek which should be perfect for those wanting to make resin molds. Also some accessories and router bits. As 102 is not open for business on our side yet, I’ve stored the items on pallets so they can be moved around as needed when the electrical goes in. Do NOT pull anything from the pallets. We’ll get the area set up as soon as we get the OK. Big thanks to Mr. Goodrich and also to @photomancer who gave me the contact. Here is a picture. cheers!


Does he want a receipt? If so, I’ll take photos and make one up for him when I’m at the space tomorrow.

@Mrksls2 There are a couple of band saws it looks like Woodshop is getting rid of.

  1. Can Machine/Plastics have one of hem for dedicated plastics use, or
  2. How much does Woodshop want for one?

@maxk68 Plastics SIG is under Machine Shop, at our monthly meetings be sure to have representative there to provide input. You can have separate SIG meetings, but Plastics is part of Machine Shop. When the Expansion Team asks questions about power, air, etc. they come to Nick.


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yes, I told him we would get him one. If you want to do it , it would be great since I won’t be up there much this week.

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Wow, what a haul! That’s fantastic news!

When we actually get stuff out and working, I’m glad to set up a PIG sig section on the wiki tools and document what we have.

If it helps …



The sign needs to be a big plastic PIG


Every bit helps. Thank you

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Are there going to be required classes to use these or just piggy back off Woodshop requirements


and more complete sentence characters cause the forum is dumb.

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Plastic is not wood, so there will be a class at some point, especially for the CNC.

the Shapeoko?

Yes the newer larger shapeoko


New member. First post.
Will the new Shapeoko be usable for wood working in addition to plastics use?

We already have a shapeoko dedicated to wood. THis would be for plastics.


what Lara said. it is for plastics and composite materials.

I don’t know anything about machining composite materials. Does machining carbon fiber composites generate hazardous particulates? If so, do we need to rig a dust collection enclosure and vacuum?

@richmeyer donated a dust collection system for the SIG.


Yes we’ll get more dust collectors as needed

Thanks, for thinking of this often forgotten piece of DMS infrastructure.

The members of this SIG will be known as PIGS and “oink” will be their rallying word.


When I used to route fiberglass for PCBs, we had an enclosure and a HEPA vacuum to contain the dust. I believe machining composites dry can be hazardous. We also had a group once cut some pieces of a carbon fiber layup and the dust settled all around that area of the shop and resulted in a pretty nasty itch if it go to on you.

Those are probably two extreme examples but I think the composites shapeoko it certainly warrants better dust collection than our other tools.

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