Wild edge large (36” diameter aprox) cookies. Interested?

I don’t think he’ll mind as long as we pay him for 6 or so slices. In order to have him show up I promised that we’d have at least 5.

I’d say, the more chainsaws, the merrier. Do take in mind though that for the widest part of the tree we do need a large blade, so if you have one 20” or larger bring it!!

Well, it should be good wood, then - I hope

On the widest part, it is definitely larger than 36”. I am no expert, I’ll go with poll here saying that it is red oak

I am learning every day, especially where it concerns trees and wood and whatnot. I’m eager to learn what it actually is!

@HankCowdog @zacharymarkson @apparently_weird

I found one. We can start making the cuts and as soon as the store opens (noon) we can get it and finish the center of the cookies, if you guys are still interested

Perfect. Got wrapped up in another project. See you at noon and will have an extra 16” saw for smaller sections.

Wow. I am new to DMS. (Wood shop specifically.) This seems to be a great community “Project”. With potential benefit to many. What would I need to do to get a few smaller pieces? 2”X15”X30”?

And. Does this kind of opportunity come up to the DMS Community often? Great if it does!!

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Peter, we’ll be here for a few hours. I have a smaller chainsaw. Stop by.

7141 Brookshire Dr

Dallas 75230

I love my view right now.


Update: A neighbor came over and asked for some quiet from chainsaws so we are packing up and heading out. Please don’t come and cut more.

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@HankCowdog @apparently_weird Were you guys able to positively identify the wood species?

red oak, i’m pretty sure

IMHO, it’s missing the open pores of red oak (and they’re pretty distinctive), but it’s some kind of oak. I only got to see the trunk (not the leaves or the overall shape of the tree), so it’s hard to say. Could be a pin oak - they are in the same family and are commonly used as landscaping plants since they grow relatively quickly. I counted 50 rings and the trunk was 40 inches across, so that’s quick-growing in my book.

FWIW, the sawdust smells like oak to me.

This article recommends spraying a 10% solution of sodium nitrate on the oak: white oak will react, turning nearly indigo blue, while red oak will not.

With spring and summer coming up (and a large number of large trees still down from the tornado) would anyone be interested in chipping in like $50 and buying a 36" chainsaw for sue in harvesting bigger trees? Maybe even doing some rough crosscuts on the logs?

I might be down for that. I haven’t seen many big trees laying around, though admittedly I haven’t really been paying close attention. I’d be up for sharing that cost if there was some guarantee of recouping my contribution in slab wood form :slight_smile: Especially if there was, say, a black walnut tree just laying around.

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I’d consider chipping in :blush:

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I am interested in chipping in. And also trying to find some hardwoods to harvest.
Also see this portable chainsaw mill. Just an idea. If we get enough to pitch in for the saw, why not the mill as well. Then we are in business!! https://www.ebay.com/p/2171747340?iid=112589053749&rt=nc

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I am totally on board with this. Really it comes down to whether @zacharymarkson really does have the inside scoop on some big trees we can mill :slight_smile:

I know a few guys, and can call some arborist services in DFW come springtime

Just tossing this in here, so if @zacharymarkson still has his riding spurs on, he can point the nose down Walnut Hill…