Downed trees / free wood in Walnut Hill Neighborhood

Hi all,

I live in walnut hill on a street impacted by the tornado… Yesterday there were two trees taken down to the stump in one yard and a third tree that had a major trim. My tree identification capabilities are non-existent so I can’t tell you what species they are. I took a fair # of pictures (below) and tried to capture both the bark & the interior. I know that my street was filled with oak, pecan & osage orange trees. Unfortunately, I could not locate any walnuts. These are all quite large and will require dollies, truck, trailer, etc.

Trees #1 & #2 – these are at a house that is scheduled to be demolished @ 3822 Martha Lane. They are located in the front yard. I’m not sure when they are scheduled to be removed from the property. I can try to get in touch with the property owner, but I’m not sure where they relocated to as they had just finished re-habbing the house & moved in three days prior to total destruction.

Here’s what the front yard looked like pre-tornado which show the two trees, maybe that will help with identification…


Here’s the house & downed trees as of this afternoon:

Tree #1 – up to 3 or 4 feet in diameter with pieces ranging from 3-5 feet

Tree #2 – huge base of trunk - probably 4’ high and 4’ in diameter. Some are 18" diameter & probably 3’ long

Tree #3 – in front of 3803 Martha Lane
The third one is already curbside on the street so it’s definitely available. This one does appear to have some internal rot on maybe 1/2 of the logs, but others appear clean. These are 12-18" diameter and probably 3-4’ in length.

Finally, yesterday I noticed a huge trunk section from the base of the tree. At a minimum, it’s probably 4’ in a diameter & 10’ long. I didn’t drive home that way tonight, but I can check in the morning to see if it’s still there. It is on Betty Jane, less than a block off Merrel on the west side of the street. Here’s what the yard looked like pre-tornado, I think this is the tree that’s now a huge trunk section:



Update: I have been given permission by James Wiggins (the owner of 3822 Martha Lane) to take / remove any of the wood labeled above as tree #1 & #2. So bring your truck, trailer, dolly & muscles.


Thank you @smithamy for the heads up. I’ll definitely try to stop by!

And other update. I spoke with the homeowner & tree #1 is a Shumard red oak and #2 is an Arizona ash. He also relayed that the house is scheduled for demolition next week so if you want any of the wood please make plans to visit soon.

I live on Meadow and have seen so much downed wood I’d love to do something with. If only I had a truck and some place to put it…

I would be interested in making a run for DMS. I have a truck, trailer, and chainsaw.

Can I DM you a number to work things out?

@Team_Woodshop are you interested in any of this? If not, no worries. If so, let me know what you want and I can work something out.

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I am definitely down for this

Hi Jason, I sent you a DM, please let me know if you’d like to come by this weekend & I lend a hand & also alert the neighbors.

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