Why cleaning is important or Powermatic Table Saw

All, when using tools in the woodshop ALWAYS look at the tool and around the area before using it. For example. Here is the Powermatic Table Saw.

Notice anything wwrong? Seem a little dirty? Dusty?

Let’s look closer.

Man, that’s a ton of dust!



Inspect all machines before use. Find a problem?

Solve it if you can or report it!


DO NOT push piles like this into the dust collector. Broom and dustpan are the proper solution.


I’m curious if something like this would help prevent that buildup.


$57 seems a little steep. Probably wouldn’t be too hard to make.

No promises, but I might give that a try tonight.

I’ve got some extra 3/4" pink foam insulation board that should be easy to cut, tape, and wedge in there.

Definitely open to suggestions and ideas, although I’d rather not make it too complicated.


While I’m a cheap bastard myself, I think it would be worth it vs making it. We as maker have the attention span of about an average squirrel.


I think this is exactly what is needed


I’ll give a shot at making simple temp one out of thin plywood tape and pvc that’ll Atleast be better than currently until we pin down the exact thing we wanna jump on to fix this


I have also seen buildup inside of the power box where the wires enter the saw stop. Probably would be a good idea to clean it out semi annually as it will arc across the sawdust.

Yea the saws top is minimal but unavoidable thw pm is to the point where it will literally fill up to where it touched the blade if left to it’s own devices

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So when I was in last there was a huge life’s of small backing board up against the dust collector, is that ok for me to use to make a make
Shift one? I didn’t want to start chopping it up and then it be something the committee needed, or any laser donations of thin plywood I can use to build a template, then make a temp one so we can stop the dump machine from drowning its self in saw dust lol

I think that was a lot of my fault, @yashsedai. I had been up and working at the 'Space for 36 hours straight Fri-Sat cutting up a bunch of African Teak. I cleaned up the shop before heading home, but spaced on checking the inside of the Powermatic. Mea culpa. No excuses. Will remember to do that going forward. Thanks for the heads up.

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That’s just how the machine ends up operating so nothing anyone specific did or failed to do, well the team of engineers who designed it but other than them it’s not any specific persons fault


All true, @Chris_Fazio, but I did fill that thing up that night. Just never occurred to me to check the inside, even when sweeping the floor in front and seeing more orange teak dust coming from the bottom. Oh well… we’ll fix it, one way or the other.

That’s a mentality I learned the hard way unfortunately, to be aware of what I leave behind! But it’s funny that saw is regarded as probably one of the best ever Made but the dust collection is like they ran out of time when submitting the design and sketched it as they were turning it in! Lol it’s awful but the saw is the best theres ever been