Team Laser News for June 2024

We wish to thank everyone that participated Saturday. A lot of work was completed and the team discovered several opportunities for improvement. @got_tools started the morning the off with some top notch fancy donuts and @mrjimmy had pizza delivered for lunch.

The committee would like to thank the following members for sharing their valuable time making the Laser area better for everyone in July.

@maggi @Eric75252 @3dzignsprint @Liamluu @gh05t @Thom @welol @HenrySmart @barnzcharmz and others that dropped by to help out.

Everyone agreed that the Laser Committee and the Lasers are off to great start this session. We will implement as many improvements as possible before next months event.

The primary system improvement this month was power cord management and the design of a new Argon delivery system. The value of the new system @got_tools has designed is to ease the identification of the gas lines along with the new functionality of being able to individually switch Argon off at each Laser as needed. We expect the enhanced Argon system to be in place in early July. We are busy implementing @ozindfw suggestion of stationary vacuums at each Laser for facilitating easier cleaning of the Lasers after each use. @ozindfw has also offered to lead the design of a quick disconnect solution for our power service and compressed gas lines. This will allow us to quickly pull an individual Laser out for service while minimizing any disturbance to adjacent Lasers units.

The committee is studying how to take advantage of @GreenOrbs excellent recommendations regarding our Laser Lens acquisition and management.

The committee passed a vote to acquire a new honey comb bed for the Fusion Pro 32. This will be ordered this week.

The Fusion Pro is known for its outstanding ability to engrave items. In reality, it can only engrave as well as the image file provided by the member. If your not an expert with Photoshop, or even have the software, you probably aren’t receiving the results the Laser was designed to provide. The committee has recognized this deficiency and has approved the purchase of photo software specifically to address this need. The software qualification process has begun and is being headed by @John_Marlow. We want to figure out the subtleties and fine tune things for our Laser before offering training. We are pursuing results like the following demo shows so all our members can achieve without being an expert in Photoshop.

Online Software Demo:

We are also ordering a small batch of Laser Honeycomb clamping pins for testing. These might also help reduce flashback issues.

One last thing. The Committee decided to pursue a Laser material store to be located in the common room. Moving forward there are many details to work out, but think about having small sheets of material available for purchase for those quick projects. This effort is being supported at the Officer level by @Julie-Harris. We are considering member volunteers to be involved keeping the area stocked. We expect this to only take an hour a week or so. You would not be required to deal with other members regarding purchases, you will report inventory levels to the Laser chair weekly, and it could be a team effort. If you have an interest in being involved please reach out via PM to @SWA

Laser Status:

Fusion Pro 32: Operational, but needs some attention. New bed being ordered.
Fusion Zing: Currently in storage. Will be back online within 30-60 days.

Big Thunder: Status: Almost ready, it does cut. Needs exhaust and piping work.
Donner: Operational
Blitzen: Operational

Current Projects

  • Donner will be part of the camera pilot project. Will adding a camera on the Thunders actually add value?
  • Update Lightburn on Thunder Stations
  • Fusion 32 Bed Replacement
  • Updating the storage for replacement parts & supplies
  • Add vacuums to each Laser to aide in quick cleaning - hat tip @ozindfw
  • Add quick disconnects for Air, Argon, and Electrical - hat tip @ozindfw
  • Add electrical service outlet to each machine - hat tip @ozindfw
  • Roll-out the daily service log for each Laser
  • Refine the LaserBoot Camp class
  • Install Affinity Designer on Thunder Workstations - hat tip @Hardsuit
  • Install Affinity Photo on Fusion Workstation - hat tip @Hardsuit
  • Piloting Photo Laser Plus Advanced (primarily for Fusion Pro 32)
  • Pilot the Laser Material Store(you’re going to like this)
  • Prepare Laser Rule Agreement for Committee review
  • Add digital sign
  • Finish dry ease board
  • There is more, but this is enough to get stearted with:)

Next Committee Meeting:
Monday July 15, 6:30PM

Next Laser Service Day:
Saturday July 20, 9:00 AM

P.S. We are trying our best to figure out how to keep everyone informed about the Lasers. Please let us know if you would like to be added to our Team Laser News contact list.


That was a great summary. Would love to be added to the Team Laser News contact list.

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You have been added. Thanks for your help unwinding our lens puzzle. I realize there is more distance to cover, but this was a great start.

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Sign me up for the Team Laser News.

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Done 0123456789

Can you sign me up for the newsletter as well?

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Levi, You have been added.

Hi, thanks for update, really appreciate all efforts.
Please add me to laser newsletter as well.
Also one request can we also instal Illustrator on Fusion pro PC along with Photoshop. Not everyone uses Inkscape, had a hard time when I went to do a small laser project and realised Illustrator is gone.

I’m with you there, but see these other threads. Apparently you will have to go into Digital Media and hope there is not a class being held in there, because there are also no copies in the Common Room.

If you want to continue/revive that discussion, you should probably do that from the second thread.

We loaded Cloud Creative Suite on one of the computers. I expect we can do this across the board, but won’t be furnishing licenses for people. In other words, you will need your own Adobe subscription.

We have loaded a copy of Affinity Photo V2 on the Fusion station. We hope that will be helpful for image adjustments. I suppose we can also consider adding Affinity Designer on it.

Affinity Software Suite

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You have been added.

Which one? :blankspace:

It is on the Donner Station. I’m open to adding it across the board if it works correctly.

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I’ll test it when I’m there.

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A note, Affinity Designer has a pixel editing mode that can handle a lot of things that you would normally need Photoshop for that Inkscape is not capable of.

You switch between the Vector and Pixel workflows via the icons in the top left of the Designer window.

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Maybe can can twist @Hardsuit 's arm to teach some intro classes for Affinity:). Then we can train up some teachers once the syllabus is locked down.

I would like to be added to the newsletter. Thank you everyone for the work! I haven’t been able to come to the meetings, but can volunteer some time on bootcamp materials or offer up some courses after July as I’m becoming an intermediate expert and have taught some one on ones lately.

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