Abode Suite gone from Laser computers?

I went to open some files I can engraved/cut with before and it seems the Adobe creative suite is not on any of the computers next to the lasers. I can convert them no problem but wanted to know if the suite would be available in the future so that I can convert my files before coming up here.

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We only have 5 licenses of the Adobe Suite, so it is only installed on the 4 computers in Digital Media, and the big design computer in Creative Arts in the Digital Arts room. As I understand it, the licenses for the Adobe product are a considerable expense for DMS, so I don’t forsee us purchasing any more of them.

@Team_Infrastructure … Please, please, please reconsider this.

I’m not suggesting the entire suite - Illustrator alone is about $20 per month.

Yesterday was a perfect example of why having all the licenses in DM except one isn’t a great solution. There was a meeting in there … so all of those high dollar assets were unavailable even though they weren’t in use. Same thing when someone schedules a shoot …

If you’re using the Thunder lasers, RDWorks can import an ai file directly … provided that the ai file was saved as the CS6 version.

If it was saved as a later version then it will appear to have no content when RDWorks tries to import it.

It’s possible that the other old formats work but CS6 is known to work. I can guarantee that the newest Illustrator formats do not import.

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Chris, we can add licenses to our EDU bundle with Adobe however those are almost $300 per machine per year and so at 7 seats it becomes a BOD matter as our spend will exceed $2,000 per year.

There may be other licensing approaches for Adobe products the committee’s could take however I’m not well versed in Adobe products and options.

Any chance we can move one license out of DM? At least for now?

I seem to recall that the committee chair thought that was OK since at least right now there aren’t any classes being taught that require all those licences to be in one place at one time.

Moving an Adobe license is painful and time consuming for IT. We have to uninstall the software from a machine, then using a current package from the Adobe dashboard install to a new machine and then issue a reclaim of the license, which we can only do once every 7 days. If DM wants to permanently give up a license I will move it but it’s not something to do often.

The way that we are planning digital media currently will make the computers a little bit separate from the classroom and a lot easier to use regardless.

Will any of them be co-located with the Canon printer? Or is it possible to connect our own laptop wirelessly somehow to print to the Canon printer? We can discuss this by DM …

Which canon printer? The one in the commons room?

If so- that one can be used by anybody’s laptops, phones, personal devices, or the space computers.

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