Project/Class Wishlist

Not sure if this needs to be moved to a different category, but I’m looking for a few things.
A. I would love for someone to hold these classes:
-1. a DIY type class based around craft food/beverage making. For example, a pickling or canning class, ice-sculpting/molding, varietal honeys, infused/distilled items, artisanal cheeses, different mustards, beverage pairing with any of these? (@clk75201)
-2. Self-sustainability classes - DIY ponds using algae, building tiny houses, off grid classes, etc

B. I currently am operating with a broken foot, so I’m trying to go about the best way of organizing my to-do list into the most efficient, point A to point B directional way so I’m not spending hours wobbling around DMS.
Here is my list. I need a spreadsheet of some sort to organize it by priority, materials needed/already have, workspace location, and time. Obviously, this is mostly my own scritch scratch of notes, but if you guys have any answers to any of these questions let me know. I really just need a spreadsheet to organize this myself though :slight_smile:

-1. cat scratcher tower - low priority, still need to finish design and collect materials: wood, fabric samples, glue, industrial staple gun
-2. cornhole/washer games - high priority, need a sturdy design and quick way to cut the wood. would i be using one of the plasma cutters for this? then glue or nails to secure all the parts
-3. 2" tall ramp for wheelchair access into standard door frame, just need the right program to have a block of wood cut at a triangle
-4. leg rest with wheels, need materials and machine to cut the wood, hand tools for wheel application
-5. wooden/rubber stamp appx 4-5" circular logo, which machine would i use to create a logo onto a piece of rubber? or would i be cutting it into the block of rubber myself? then attaching the rubber to the block of wood
-6. sticker 2.5" diameter circular logo, 500 pcs, high priority, i have a 100 sheet pack of premium inkjet photo sticker paper, hopefully all i’d need to do here is load my paper into the printer and load up my logo on the computer connected to an inkjet printer and go at it?
-7. article from DO etched in either wood or metal, from online print, would an engraving class do the job here? then possibly:
-8. framed, depending on size of wood or metal etched article, 11x14 preferably, back to the woodshop for this, just angling and cutting and gluing
-9. need some simple to do lists off google drive printed and laminated, is there a laminating machine in the building? near the printers maybe?
-10. some kind of slide-in print that will fit into a plastic sandwich board that stands outside. need to print onto water-resistant material from design in google drive
-11. posters/flyers, available to be printed in bulk from design in google drive, do we have a large scale printer?
-12. 3D printed logos, this i already have the .stl file for, just need to load it into kisslicer and go
-13. Printed/silk-screened T-shirts with logo/design in google drive, have the shirts, have the logo, need to figure out how to combine them.

-2. cornhole/washer games

**I think it would be great fun to have a group make for several cornhole setups - at least the wood part of the make.

-5. wooden/rubber stamp appx 4-5"

**I have a canning label that I want to do for my daughter. Was thinking I’d use a linoleum blank (bought online) and then the Shapeoko machine. I may have seen a class once?

-6. sticker 2.5" diameter circular logo, 500 pcs

**Color or black and white? Laser or inkjet?


I’m going to play along.

Cindy’s project/class list:

-1. Make pillows from fabrics I’m bringing home from Guatemala. I’ve been trained on the sewing machines, so this is easy and will happen soon.

There are several sewing machines, so if anyone else wants to make pillow covers at the same time, we can make a thang of it and reserve the interactive room and make pillows together there.

-2. Make a large wood charcuterie board in the shape of Texas and sandblast it to reveal the grain of the wood. Son has agreed to make the shape of Texas as his test in one of the woodshop classes, so that just means getting a handle on the sandblaster. I am taking a steel mug class soon that will let me learn it first hand. (That and some experience with the vinyl cutter. Still not sure if that will clear me on the cutter or not.)

-3. Print large canvas photos. Attach canvas to stretcher bars. Overpaint with acrylic paint to highlight focal points.

Would like these prints, in the end, to be 30 x 30 or so, but will start with one 12 x 12 to make sure I’m not crazy. I’ve done all three things before, just not on the same project. Of course, need a printer that works at the space to get started.

-4. Make garden markers.

I’ve got a plot at Deep Ellum Urban Garden and would like to remember which seeds I planted where. Thought I might wrap tongue depressors in copper sheeting, stamp it, and then finish with a patina, but I saw some out of polymer clay today that weren’t bad looking. May duplicate that instead.

-5. Etch wine bottles to use as water drip containers at the garden. Need to learn laser, and then learn laser rotary, so I doubt I get it done this season.

-6. Super beautiful leather bag. I have a link on TALK for that one. It’s also on the new pinterest leatherworking page. Looks doable.

I’ll leave it at six plus one - the canning label stamp for my daughter.


Any other new members want to add to the fun?

thank you @LisaSelk for moving this!

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color, but just white and red… i have a 100 sheet pack of premium inkjet photo glossy finish sticker paper, hopefully all i’d need to do here is load my paper into the printer and load up my logo on the computer connected to an inkjet printer and go at it?

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No problem…

I do hope that as each of you begin a particular project on your lists, that you then create a new thread for each individual project! That would help members follow the projects that they are interested in. :slight_smile:

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a linoleum blank like, the ones you use for carving? and then the shapeoko machine would cut it from the logo file?

totally easy, even something like the wooden ramp… just generic shapes (triangles and circles) in general!

We’ll do the best we can, ma’am. The risk of doing it your way instead of like this for now is someone grumbling that we’re trying to takeover DMS. This works, too.

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LOL ~ Yeah, you wouldn’t want to open a bunch of separate threads that you aren’t ready to discuss. It’s just a reminder for when you do get ready to start on something from the lists that y’all are creating. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Well rats. That link shows a preview, but I can’t get it to work. So search (I used google) for “shapeoko linoleum stamp” and you will hopefully be able to get it that way.

i got the general idea from the shapeoko forums! looks like exactly what i need.

My mom does all kinds of pickles and canning of fruits, veggies, jams, and jellies. Too bad we can’t do any cooking at the space. :frowning:

Infused items are fun and easy. I like infusing vodka into pineapple. Not only is the vodka great to drink but the pineapple chunks will get you snookered before you know it.

For cheeses, I LOVE all kinds, except for the soft/runny and the really stinky stuff. Some cheeses you can only take in small doses such as blues and Gorgonzola. I’m wanting to learn how to make cheese and picked up a kit for making mozzarella that I’ll be doing here at home once the Texas Pinball Festival is done and over with. You can pick up kits for making cheddar too. Just add milk.


watermelon does the same as pineapple! i can see pineapple being a much better vessel though.
what about just a class for combining mustard seeds with vinegar or something simple without having to cook? i’m going to dig for rules on this.


If it doesn’t require heat or if it can be done in the microwave I think we can do it.

Now, we get into another problem - ventilation. Making mustard can be a massively eye watering experience from what I’ve seen on Man vs. Food and other TV shows. :slight_smile:

I still want to try making it though!

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Definitely not.
The Plasma cutters cut metal, not wood.
Unless I’m misunderstanding this question…

Yes, we do. Or at least, we did some months ago. It should be in CA, and @uglyknees or maybe @Photomancer (or any of a number of Nicole’s minions) could probably point you to it.

Ditto on the screen printing equipment.

I don’t think you misunderstood it. The times I’ve played cornhole the game was made out of plywood.

@droo for cutting wood the multicam would be better. Depending on the size you might be able to have it cut most of the required pieces from the same sheet of plywood. Of course many of the other wood working tools would be fine too.

Make a large wood charcuterie board in the shape of Texas

. I’ve done this with maple. Came out well. Will trade you the laser file for knowledge on how you got that garden plot in DE. :slight_smile:

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I’ve made my own mustard for the last couple of years. It’s really incredible stuff.

You can share the garden plot with me. Paid until next February maybe?

Seriously. It’s a double plot. And I travel so much I can’t always do it justice.

Jiggle this photo around until you see F. It’s the clear spot between two bunches of rye cover crop.

Lettuce, spinach, cilantro and beans from seed right now. Won’t be home to check on it for another week. Send me an email and a name and I’ll put you on the list and give you the gate and shed codes. I’m allowed a couple of co-gardeners.