Does DMS have a laminator for letter sized paper, or larger?

I have some cheat sheets that I laminated at another office I used to work at that had the equipment and I started thinking that if I wanted to do that again, I don’t have access to that laminating equipment.

So, was just wondering if DMS had such equipment…

Thanks in advance!

Last I checked, there was one on the shelf in Creative Arts. Though I don’t know where it is during the current transition, should still be around!

We have a laminator and sheets for US letter paper. I’ve used it a few times to laminate papers around the space, it’s so much more professional looking than frayed papers taped to things around the space. I’m not the only one that gets a kick out of using office supplies.

Is there something special I need or will just regular 8.5X11" laminating pouches work with the laminator at the space?

yes there’s a 3mm and 5mm thick option I think. We had plenty of sheets left last time I used it.

Later this month / early August you’ll be able to laminate larger items up to 32" x 40" depending on how long it takes to get the receptacle installed

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Thanks for the replies. The little one should do for now.

The laminator is not currently listed in on the Tools page, or I wouldn’t ask: Has someone used this recently? Does it still work?


CA has a laminator. We used it a few weeks ago to laminate some sheets for machine shop.


I have a commercial 24" roller laminator that I am willing to LOAN to CA - but was going to bring is by when Nicole is back from her holiday…

@TLAR. The vice chair @artnerdray is around. Perhaps you could talk with him?

@TLAR How much space would this roller take up. Do you have a picture of it so I could get an idea of how it could fit it in the CA room? I’m hesitant to welcome any large tools right now as floor space is already tight.

A smarter question I have is, have people at the Makerspace been wanting to laminate huge posters? Is it more than one person and do they need to do this often?

I certainly have, for Logistics purposes. Suspect that numerous other committees have also wanted to laminate larger printed materials.


The laminator is not huge, it laminates up to a max of 24" wide and is about 26" wide by 16" and about 18" tall (these are approx dims) it weighs about 35 pounds
It is human powered - it does not require electricity.
It is not a hobby lobby or office depot piece of plastic crapola.
If there isn’t room it, no sweat. I know several folks have asked about laminating something larger than 8.5 x 11 and thought lending a commercial item was better than what CA currently has.

Okay, it sounds like something people want so Ill find/make room for it.

Are there any rules you want to be noted for the use of the laminator? Im guessing it is fairly easy to use but would you prefer people can only use it after training?

For how long will you be loaning this to us?

No rules, just use it in CA

No training needed - quite simple to use - even a caveman or cavewoman could do it. No need for a boring training class or death by powerpoint.

Permanent loan or until you opt for me to pick it up - please do not sell or throw it away in the event CA doesn’t want it.

Erik - if you need something larger than 24"x24" laminated for the Logistics committee - I will offer that to your committee (at my cost or less) from my work - I am limited to 42"x62" though.


The ability to laminate B and C sized sheets is going to be fantastic … and I have no material ready as-is.

Just let me know

I rarely use the laminate film - so that is zero charge


Sounds good.

Ill need to order some supplies for it. Can you send me in the right direction, preferably reasonable prices for the sheets? You are welcomed to bring the laminator when you are able.

I dropped off the laminator on a table in CA at 0230
I’ll bring the top cover by this weekend.
The directions on how to use the machine are on a label on the machine itself, but it will need some film to get started

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