Project/Class Wishlist

Call me old-fashioned, but if you have a circular saw, a drill, and a jigsaw, you can build almost anything. :wink: But yes, the Multicam. It’s expensive training @droo, but if we pulled off a group build, I bet someone else would run it.

If this is the favorite thing that comes out of this thread, you could post it as a separate topic and see how many people would be interested. It’s prime corn hole season. I bet you’d have takers. Pricing it out would be easy.

@droo Except there aren’t any color inkjet printers working at the space right now that I know of. No word on if that will change.

@Raymond - we should be able to pickle at the space. Cold pickle, anyway. Ask mom if she has techniques that don’t require a heat bath, and I say we go for it.

And holy cow I wise I could bring back the $9 a quart jars of honey from down here… But still. There are wonderful suppliers I buy from at Farmers Market. Maybe get something going with them?

Yes to cheese making. I was about to order stuff for quark. I’m not sure we could pull it off at the space since we don’t have a decent slop room.

@jast - I thought I saw a post where the laminator bit the dust. @uglyknees will know.


I’m done now. I promise I will get the hang of this forum style eventually.

How about a class on the various melons & fruits that can be used as booze sponges ? Sounds like a great time !
injecting vodka into oranges with syringes comes to mind - the good old days…

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Goes back to needing a sleep-in at the space. :wink:

a bunch of snorting/snoring/farting/ folks “snoozing” at the space would not be my idea of being excellent to others…

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we have two smaller laminators in the CA room that do a great job. Look for them close to the drawer cabinet about waist height. A box of lamination sheets is located right next to it.

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