Printing jumbo patterns

I found a source for printing large (sewing) patterns instead of taping together 100 pieces of paper. This place is quite reasonably priced. I’m not in any way affiliated with them, but I figured someone else might benefit from the link.

So if you have a large pattern, a cosplay cape, a downloaded clothing pattern, or whatever, this might be a good source. I guess it could also be used for patterns of any other type, too.

I ordered two B&W plots; one 36" x 72", the other 36" x 100". Cost was about $8 (except there is a $10 minimum plus shipping). They also do color, but I chose B&W.

They are explicit about this being for patterns only (they also have a section for CAD drawings). I believe they were plotted, not printed. I also plan to iron with a dry iron - not willing to risk steam in case it’s ink.