Multicam Zone Cover Machining Underway

We are finally tying up loose ends. Yesterday @dryad2b alpha tested the new procedures and discovered a couple of additions that will be added.
Today the team is creating the bed covers. These have been designed in a way that even our reach challenged members shouldn’t have any issues.

Roughed out cover.

Breaking the edges.

The handle screws were too long, so we will grab a box and finish up anther day.

Until then six zone covers have been milled.


Reach challenged…lol.

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@SWA does have a way with words, doesn’t he?


Hello, I have been off talk and out of the space for months. I have a project needing to cut some simple pockets on about 15 pieces of walnut for gifts for coworkers. I’ve tried to see what the status is but a lot has obviously been going on. Are we at a spot where I could get signed off to use the multicam with the new rules? I used to use it a lot but I mostly cut simple designs and a lot of slab flattening. If we are not at a point yet to get re-signed off I understand, just trying to see where we are and if I need to make alternate plans. Thanks!

We are running some folks through the new documentation over the next few days. This first round has been primarily with low time and some new folks. Then we start unofficial classes for a few existing users to look for issues and verify the class details. I really hope we have official calendar entries by mid month.

We can get your project on the machine this coming week, possibly this weekend if it is ready to cut, and assuming it isn’t an all nighter.

PM me with your thoughts.

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@indytruks138 See above from @SWA.