Masks Required within DMS Starting 2021-08-12

Per the Dallas County order for all commercial entities, masks are now REQUIRED anywhere indoors at the Dallas Makerspace. The only exception is actively bringing food or drink to your mouth. After doing so, you must immediately put your mask back in place, even while chewing - if you are unable to perform such an action you are welcome to eat and drink outside or in your car.

Due to the potential financial penalty of any violations of this order, any member found not wearing a mask in the above manner is subject to an automatic 30-day suspension. Directors, Officers, Committee Chairs may all grant a facility-wide 30-day suspension for violation of the mask rule. This will be enforced remotely via camera as well. Violations may be reported to [email protected].

Failure to leave upon being suspended will result in a tresspass by the Carrollton PD.

This takes effect August 12th, 2021 at 00:00 CDT and will continue until further notice.

As a reminder, if you need an immediate response many of the board can be reached via cell phone or discord.