Mask Mandate stay

Still, lets have that discussion with respect and logic about what is required.

The affairs of the Dallas Makerspace are managed by the Board of Directors, full stop. It’s laid out plainly in the Certificate of Formation as well as the bylaws.

Member meetings may conduct the following organizational business:

  1. Elect Directors at an Annual Meeting (i.e. Board Election Meeting) as called by the Board of Directors
  2. Amend the bylaws should the requirements for a Special Meeting be met and 2/3 quorum be present
  3. Recall a Director should 2/3 quorum be present

Modification of the standing rules, signing agreements, allocating funds and other aspects of managing the organization are all the domain of the Board.


So you are saying you have amended the by laws? Could you please post the by laws on masks?

Getting the impression you haven’t attended to many BoD mtngs or open work sessions. They vote on a number of things without a membership vote. Membership input - yes. Membership gets to vote once a year for BoD, bylaws, rules, etc.


Yes but the mask mandate has never been part of a BOD meeting that was announced. The entire explanation was that DMS had to comply with Jenkin’s mask mandate. Which is no longer in force. There is no fine so there is no need. Can’t see why this is an issue.

I am at loss how you would reach that conclusion. The last major change to the bylaws was logged in 2018. Alternatively, here is the sum total of changes since their approval 27 May 2011.

The policy was announced here, the meeting minutes authorizing the policy are here.


You can’t just make a policy without a reason and your reason is no longer valid.

Your argument is pointless.
Until the BoD says otherwise, put your bleeping mask on and move on.
Get over yourself…


Here is the quote, “Per the Dallas County order for all commercial entities” The order no longer stands. The rest becomes moot.

And I will be respectful of you even though you are showing contempt for me.

Take it up with the Board.

The organization can mandate this even if the County order has been stayed in court - i.e. restaurants can mandate dress codes for the general public if they so desire.


Really? That is the answer? The BOARD CAN MANDATE"? Without the Membership?

And I am deeply moved…as in moving on.


The BOARD directly stated, “Per the Dallas County Order”… How can you mandate on something that no longer exists? How about treating us as adults and let us decide?

More contempt from you… nice.

Dude - you have no idea what contempt is…

Dude, I was a professional writer… I KNOW what contempt is… which is why I don’t use it.

Yes, that is the answer, firmly and unambiguously established in the organization’s governing documents.

It is quite apparent that you do not like the rules enacted by the Board.

However, the resolution as worded is not explicitly conditional on the County mandate to remain in effect.

You would do well to make your views known to the Board.


Whether I like the mandate or not is irrelevant. I re read the resolution, it specifies “Due to the potential financial penalty of any violations of this order”, This is no longer a concern… It’s right there in plain English. How can you say it is not explicit?

It’s easy, just show up to the board meeting Wednesday, refuse to put on a mask and refuse to leave the building when they ask. The board (since they’re already in a meeting) can vote to suspend you and you won’t have to worry about whether DMS has a mask mandate. Simple!