Dye Sub 101 - 9/3/2021 at 6:30pm

I have added a Dye Sub 101 class to the calendar for Friday, September 3rd at 6:30pm. It will be available for registration at about 9:15am on Sunday.



Thank you!!!

It’s not showing on the calendar yet. Does it need to get approved or something?




@CaryF300 with your permission, we need to edit or remove the last 2 sentences in your " Special Considerations and Warnings" as it would not be in compliance with DMS policy enacted 2 weeks ago:

That is fine. I forgot to edit after I copied the last event posting.

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:blankspace: :blankspace: :blankspace:

Thank you. I have edited it.

Can one more spot be added to this? I would like to join tomorrow if possible! Thank you,

Nope. Six is the max for this class. It has a hands-on portion, and each additional person in the class adds about 30 minutes to the duration. You can show up and hope for a late cancellation or no-show, but six students is the max.

There is another class coming on 9/17/2021. It should become active on the calendar at about 9:30am on Monday 9/6.

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Two spots available in tonight’s class.