Dallas Makerspace Show & Tell - May 2018


I got certified to use the HAAS today and made good progress towards finishing another knife

Aluminum Balisong (butterfly knife) handles I machined today
Handles made on the HAAS out if aluminum

And here with the blade in, I still have to add the wood inlays in the cutouts and add the latch but it’s coming together nicely

Many thanks to @nicksilva for helping me learn the HAAS and design then machine my part!


It was fun seeing it come together. congratulations and a good use of the CNC.

The handles were probably a good 6 out of 10 on the difficulty scale and involved at least 4 different position changes and flips - which is tricky to realign much of the time.


Mother’s day gifts :slight_smile:


Kind of a follow up to my plaques from last month, but the client got them mounted this weekend. They look amazing (and still headstoney).


I started on my infinity mirror side table back in February. Of course, it took much longer than I thought it would, and I already want to start over because I learned enough doing this that I feel I can make a better one. I used the lasers to get the exact fit. Now if only there was a machine that would apply window tint for me (that stuff is tricky)!

This is when it is turned off











Believe me when I say, “it looks much cooler in real life!”

Where to Acquire Custom Sized Mirror and Glass
Free glass from sofa & entry tables

“My god, it’s full of stars”


So rad! Great work. I believe it is even better irl.


Oh wow oh wow oh wow! (Involuntary gasping!) Wicked cool.

We need one of those at the Space.


1:12 scale working Victorian jack-in-the-box. Cherry wood with finger joints. Credit to Mike Yurkovic (Atomic Miniature) for designing the mechanism.

It doesn’t make music, but it does pop open when you turn the crank.

Victorian jack-in-the-boxes frequently had pictures pasted on the sides, typically children at play.


Doesn’t play an orchestral accompanyment?? I’m disappointed Chris!!

Honestly joking, yet another beautiful miniature!!!


Fired Arts is currently running an Alternate Clay Bodies Event to experiment with less common clay types. Our first clay was a beautiful mica clay donated by @wandrson. These pieces were fired to cone 010 to preserve a strong shine effect. Mica clay can be left as is for decorative use, sealed with bear fat (or, you know, whatever oils you have at hand) for cookware or lined with a very low fire glaze.

Sparkle on, pottery brothers and sisters!

Work by: @Julie-Harris, @coffeebean, @Anette_Henningson, @mrjimmy and @JasonM314 (please let me know if I missed anyone!)


I made a coffee server, fridge holder thing. I used construction pine for the top and bottom and applied several layers of stain and sanding. Shelves are from some cedar and pecan I had laying around and the accent pieces are maple burl.


Is that the only expression your dog has?


all judgement, all the time.


My pendants from the mica firing and a class bowl that I finally glazed.


A couple of Corian countertop rings, one with an amethyst-glow inlay.
Corian Rings 2Corian Rings 6

Corian Rings 3Corian Rings 5


how did you make that?


Yeah! @Lordrook Those look amazing!


On the wood lathe with carbide cutters. I’d be more than willing to do a demo or teach a class on it :slight_smile:

@tombakerftw- Thank you sir!


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