Ceramics **Needs Attention** Shelf - 2022

Please monitor this thread for items that did not go into the kiln for one reason or another. The kiln team will write a note to let you know what we need in order to fire the piece.

If you do not fix/address the issue your item may be in jeopardy of getting thrown away.

Thank you, Kiln Team

Needs attention

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Here is the file with the No Fire Forms so you don’t have to keep hand-writing new ones.

Thank you!

I created one as well (couldn’t find this one) and the notes are now available for use.

These are greenware. They were on the glaze shelf without any notes.

I AM SOO SORRY … I chipped rim on nameless bowl while loading bisque … item is on needs attention shelf if you still want to fire, please place back on greenware shelf

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Those are mine! I am so sorry, still new and learning :confounded::confounded::confounded:

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No worries, we got it figured out :blush:

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This piece is on the glaze shelf. Wet and on a dms cookie :upside_down_face:

I moved it over to the bisque shelf. But yeah, it’s still wet and doesn’t need a cookie.

Please check the Needs Attention shelf for your pieces!

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I broke this spoon while attempting to load it in the kiln. I’m so sorry! Is this yours, @Liamluu ?

No worries, i made extra! Thanks for loading them.

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A total of 4 pieces came up while attempting to load tonight.

The item circled in purple seemed to have both wax and glaze on bottom. Please clean off glaze from bottom.

The items circled in teal are glued to small cookies for the diameter of your piece. Please provide a larger cookie to put underneath these pieces or if okay for firing team to put on another larger cookie (permitting we have one). Concerned if these drip they would drip on the shelves as the cookie they’re glued to is too small.

The shelf is pretty full, come get your things! Added today, 3 pumpkins with glaze on bottom. The other pumpkins are in the kiln :slightly_smiling_face:

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