Ceramics Committee Agenda for 6.1.21 (rescheduled for 6.8.21)

As a reminder, Ceramics Committee meetings times are posted on our Ceramics Wiki here.
The can also be found on the DMS Calendar here.

Agenda - June 1 @ 6:30pm

  • Tshirt update (asc)
  • Open items
    • Shower Curtain for new Shelves (april)
    • Dipping Glaze (Michael)
      • Updates
      • Run tests on various clay bodies
      • Glaze Training class
  • Special Firing request for July
  • Praise for potters (April)
  • Grocery list (Glaze brushes and black underglaze purchased and should arrive within the next month).

Upcoming events/News
June Special Firings …….(TBD)

Next Committee meeting: Tues. July 6th at 6:30pm

Can’t make it in person?

Or dial: (US) +1 727-502-6481
PIN: 708 802 187#

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Would you please add a couple things to the agenda for discussion.

Teachers removing things from the teachers cabinet for personal usage should not be happening. If we need tools/glaze we need to put it on the shopping lists.

Teachers need to let leadership know when we are running low on clay for classes.

In progress shelves - huge ware boards holding small pieces needs to reduce profiles where we can so everyone can fit, items must be labeled with date, pieces on bats for no more than 2 weeks.


We also need to add a request for more volunteers for the slow down symposium on June 12th. I’ll be there and would love some company. We can do throwing demonstrations or hand building.

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What is this slow down that you speak of :eyes:

This was posted as volunteer opportunity about a week ago.


All, apologies ahead of time but due to work circumstances, I will not be able to lead the meeting this evening. Co-chair, @coffeebean, who would normally ascend to facilitate the meeting in my absences, is also unavailable.
Therefore, I have made an executive decision to postpone our 6.1.21 meeting to next Tuesday 6.8.21. April will update the calendar event. If you have a pressing matter that requires immediate attention, please reach out directly to me.


I have submitted the meeting for June 8th :slight_smile: Hope to see you all there!!


Yay! I couldn’t attend, now I can!
(attend resched date)

FYI- tomorrow’s meeting will be virtual. I’m getting Part 2 of the covid vaccine and am unsure how I will feel.


Are there any minutes from the meeting? And is there a special firing on the 25th?

Hi, looked on the wiki for the agenda/meeting minutes, but didn’t see anything posted since 3/3/21.
Sorry I was not able to attend.

Are we sure that there was a meeting? Or, rather, that anybody but @Synth83 was at the meeting? I couldn’t attend, virtually or otherwise. You weren’t there, April wasn’t there…

I was there, Margaret, and Utopia. There was a short meeting.

@Synth83 has been busy with work and home things but I’m sure she’ll have a few notes. I’ll reach out to her.

There was a meeting. We had 4 in attendance. I will try to get the notes up this week.

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I just wanted to know if the special firing was a go :relaxed:

April- can you please post the link to where you’ve been posting the minutes?

I don’t have anything in my notes for special firing but that doesn’t mean we can’t plan it.


Excellent example!
I hope you don’t mind, I took the liberty of adding in the Category links, which makes finding these minutes easier after-the-fact by putting these links @ the bottom of the page:

It also makes them participants in the main meeting list:

The links I used (though they need modified slightly to match year, etc.) can be found in the “Blank” meeting by “view/edit source” and copy Erick’s excellent source:

Thank you for getting them out there on the wiki! Really appreciate that extra work!

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@coffeebean - how do i create a new page with the minutes?