Volunteer Opportunity - Slow Down Symposium

I received an email about an opportunity to attend the Slow Down Symposium today and I’m looking for any volunteers that would be interested in helping put together demonstrations for the event. More information:

The Slow Down Symposium (10am-5pm, June 12th, at the Women’s Museum at Fair Park) is an education-focused event celebrating all the small steps each of us can take day-to-day that can result in a big change toward sustainability! We’ll have workshops, speaker-panels, a sustainable market, mindfulness sessions, a clothing swap and a lot more!

The space is 29’x20’ and has power.

The person I spoke with mentioned a mending station where people could bring clothes and learn how to mend them but I don’t want anyone to think we are limited to that - I’m open to all suggestions.


Oh this sounds fun. Are you looking for people to man tables or just for ideas?

I am a big fan of weaving / knitting / crocheting reusable bags from single use plastic bags cut into strips. Standard reusable bags actually have a quite significant carbon and water cost when compared to single use plastic bags which make them difficult to actually be sustainable. Upcycling eliminates this issue.

Mending and decorating clothes is also fun. It’s a tough sell because IME clothes fail in ways that are not easy to mend these days. Wear in the crotch is a big one which ultimately claims most of my pants. Not many people are throwing out clothes because of a torn knee.

I am a big advocate for backyard chicken keeping though not sure how that could be worked into our space’s mission.

Both! Ideas but especially people to help man tables and help with any ideas. :slight_smile: I love the reusable bag idea! That sounds like a fun activity. Children’s clothes might be able to be mended - they tend to have a lot of torn knees. I have a few things I’d like to patch too. It wouldn’t work for everyone - we’d probably have to explain to some people why their clothes can’t be mended but that would still be an opportunity to teach them. Anything makery related to backyard chicken keeping - using DMS tools to make coops, accessories, etc could possibly be worked into our mission.

Right but very tough to demo at an expo.

I’m really wishing I had some sort of Transportation but I I don’t think I’ll have any time available that day. One is my cookie the other one is bracelets made using vintage buttons you can also make earrings earrings would be quick to do broadcast there’s also something I’ve done and I think I’ve got some pieces around here I have bought sweaters at the thrift store well sweaters that were in bad condition one way or the other and then I random through a hot wash and took them out and plunge them in cold water it some people would say hi and felt some people would say hi and felt some but play do this again next year I will try to figure out how I can get there and help there’s also something else you can do you can make some very sturdy tote bags out of pet food or animal food bags those woven plastic ones make great reusable tote bags and I think that would be a neat thing to show when they mentioned something else. That is what turning and are things like cheese boards made from pretty side haircut to me that’s with some time I think there’s two or three other things I could come up with if anybody has made a t-shirt quilt that would be a I like we’re using

Argh. Saturday before Tax Close. I think I’ll be busy…

Torn knees appear to still be “in fashion…”

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I would be happy to help in any way.