Ceramics Committee Agenda for 6.1.21 (rescheduled for 6.8.21)

I know I’m not who you asked, but here’s my version (there are number of ways to get this done):
search for the page you want to create (in this case Ceramics Committee Meeting 20210608 )

the search will fail, because the page doesn’t exist (if it does…maybe you already did this, or maybe it just needs edited, or maybe someone SNAFU’d the last one…so pick a different name, but it should fail)

Click the link to “Create this page” et voila: page is created (well, once you put something in it, and save it)

Plagiarism is your friend when it comes to wiki. I like to “edit source” on both the page I am creating, and a page that I want to ahem emulate and copy the contents from the one I want to emulate to the one I’m creating, and then change the stuff I need to make it say what I want. One page to emulate is Erik’s “blank” committee page, that has some instructions in it about what to change to get e.g. the category links, but feel free to do whatever works for you…

Can you please tell me how my minutes are not under the committee meeting location? What did i do wrong? The last meeting minutes are from march :woman_shrugging:t3:

Based on these 2 that I’ve looked at (the one from 5/4/2021 noted above, and this one
Ceramics Committee Meeting 4-6-21 - Dallas Makerspace )
because the categories aren’t being linked/added.

To do this in “edit source”, just insert the links anywhere in the page (I like to put them @ the top, where they’re easy to find/edit, but “classic standards” called for placing them last on the page; truth is, put them ANYwhere, and they do the job)

Doing this in Visual “edit” is a right pain the neck, but happens roughly thus:
edit>hamburger>categories>type “ceramics” (or whatever category we want to add) and select from returns>apply changes


Sa weet. Thanks for your help!!!

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Always hanging in the background like gandalf. Kind of makes me feel l like Frodo. Thanks for the info. :slight_smile:

Here are the minutes:
Ceramics Committee Meeting 20210608 - Dallas Makerspace
Not too much. We didn’t plan any special firings but we can always add them.

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