Ceramic Classes Being Added

Just a recap…
Try as much as possible to post here when submitting a class.

This is so all ceramic teachers do not run into each others time when they are scheduling a class.

Allow time in between classes for students to clean. When setting up your class, you can actually add that time on by clicking on tear down time and entering however much time you think you need for clean up. The hour and a half that you need to get honorarium…probably should include only teaching time, not their clean up time. That is just my opinion.

We have so many awesome classes on the schedule right now, looking forward to seeing even more!

Again, this post is only for submitting a class being scheduled…anything else…please open a new topic.

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11/22 I have submitted a Ceramics 100 class at 11am and a Hand building 101 at 1:30pm.

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Upcoming classes I’m teaching:
SUN 11-15 @ 2
THURS 11-19 @ 6
FRI 12-11 @ 6
SUN 12-13 @ 2

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A post was merged into an existing topic: Glaze Recipe/Possible Class Tie In Disucssion

A post was merged into an existing topic: Glaze Recipe/Possible Class Tie In Disucssion

Cleanup day will be scheduled on Sunday 11-29th at 5-6pm


Upcoming Classes I’ve just posted:

December 3, 6-8pm Wheel 101
December 10, 6-8pm Throwing Bottles


Ross are you going to teach trimming too? Thank you so much for teaching, I know folks appreciate it as well.

I can totally teach trimming but it’s certainly one of my weaker points! Would honestly love to sit in on someone else teaching it first if possible.

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Added Handbuilding class for Sunday, 1-17 at 2pm, Beginner’s handbuilding class on Monday, 1-18 at 2pm and a beginner’s glazing class for Thurs, 1-28 at 6pm.

Due to demand and overfilling the first class by accident (my mistake, forgot to set a cap on attendance), added a second class for Bottle Throwing on 12/12 from 2-4 pm.

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Good problem to have. There’s an appetite. Thanks for teaching.

December 8, 7pm – Hand-building a dragon inkpot.