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Dallas Makerspace members (primary or family/add-on) in good standing may request access to Members Only categories (e.g. #issues-requests ) here.

Start a new topic here in #00-member-access-green-dot
Fill in the requested information in the template

  • First Name (as it appears in the Billing Portal)
  • Last Name (as it appears in the Billing Portal)

This is a manual process, so we ask for patience while our volunteers process behind the scenes.

Do not post personal contact information here.
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Is there a way to hide this category from my main page?

Sorry, I don’t know. I think you can get part way to what you want by clicking on MUTED in the category menu …

At least you won’t get notifications and it won’t show up in LATEST.

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Thanks :+1: isrnskt nskzkfmd

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