About the 3D Fabrication category

The 3D FAB Category is for discussion of 3d fabrication in general and governance of the committee.

NOTE: If you experience technical difficulties (hardware or software - break/fix type issues) with any of the equipment in the 3D Fab Room at Dallas Makerspace, please submit a request to #issues-requests using the template when opening a new topic.
Hardware issues with PolyPrinter printers will be handled by PolyPrinter, and other hardware or software issues will be reviewed by me (for me to either repair it myself or refer out, if warranty repairs are required, etc…).

REMEMBER: Only PolyPrinter Staff and current 3D Fab Chairpersons are authorized to perform maintenance, adjustments and repairs on the PolyPrinter printers. Under no circumstances is anyone else authorized to perform work on them. This includes adjusting the z-height using the physical knob on the printer:


  • The Banana Pis are configured as hosts for our 3D printers and are running really well. To my knowledge we have only had two failures directly related to the Pis - in both cases it was a result of the Pis being ‘bumped’ and the cables coming loose. We believe we have resolved those issues by securely mounting the Pis and associated cables.

  • OctoPrint is configured and now being used to control the 3D Printers. We have it configured to allow “control” from the three PCs in the 3D Fab Room; and, to allow “viewing” of the OctoPrint GUI from any computer/device connected to our network (hard wired or WiFi).

  • We had experienced some issues with the browser’s permissions while using Chrome; so, we have set Firefox as the default browser - which seems to have resolved the browser based issues we’d been having.

  • We also have the webcams enabled and viewable from anywhere with an Internet connection!

  • To View the 3D Printer Web Cams visit our “3D Printer Overview” page:
    While connected to the Dallas Makerspace Network at:

  • While outside of the 'Space at: http://dallasmakerspace.org/3dfab

NOTE: When viewing the webcams, if you see the ceiling, please close the lid! :slight_smile:


Don’t forget to report any issues (that cannot be resolved using the troubleshooting steps on the pages taped to the tables) to: [email protected]; as well as log the issue in the Maintenance Log book and add a note on the printer about the issue as outlined here: 3D Fab Equipment Maintenance and Repair Logs - UPDATE: Maintenance and repairs are handled via ticket system now ~ Thanks!