20180815 Woodshop Meeting - Pine ban discussion


That was meant to be a general reply to the thread right?


But where are the meeting minutes supporting it’s ban? July does not have the rule listed in the minutes as you stated it only discusses treated wood with green tint. If it is not voted in by the committee and posted on the wiki rules of your committee it cannot reasonably be enforced. I see no meeting minutes supporting the stated ban mentioned here on talk on the wiki nor talk.



This is a complete sentence.


Let’s get real. Most of the committee rules do not have posted supporting minutes behind them.


Updated minutes


Revisiting 2 months later - what was discussed in the following Woodshop Meetings?

Is it Southern Yellow Pine as @Azalaket, the then current chair stated? Or all Pine? Because this is still used in the classes and is the most common and affordable wood available.

If all Pine, how can one tell between it, Spruce, and all the other “white woods”?

‘White wood’ is not a species. It is likely pine, but in theory could be balsam or aspen or a bunch of others. I did a little looking and it mostly confirmed that. It can be any of a number of species that all are fairly ‘white’ with little strong grain showing

Southern Yellow Pine:

The collective term "southern yellow pine or “southern pine” includes principally longleaf, short- leaf , loblolly, slash (Cuban), and pond pines, growing in the southern states from Virginia to Texas.

@gglassick This is different from the Kiwi variety you use. And - did you join? :smiley:

Need to return Delta Table Saw, sander and dust collector

I unfortunately have not yet… I will be out of town most of November December and January for work so i have been a little reluctant to join quite yet… until i have a little more free time…


I too would be interested in hearing more about what was talked about in woodshop.


No clue, haven’t been able to make any of the recent meetings unfortunately.


Final word on this, per discussion with the current WoodShop chair @Mrksls2

  • Only Southern Yellow Pine varieties are banned from the Jointer and Planer. those tiny blades get clogged with sap quickly.

  • White Woods allowed.

Mark, this is correct, yes?


I realize it is probably a waste of time to add, but hey, you (plural) are already here reading this thread, so:

To general woodshop user base, if you are cutting almost any wood from Lowes Depot, or green/FoG wood, or anything not kiln dried, be aware that it can leave gum/sap on flat surfaces as well, like the cast iron table saw and band saw and planer/jointer tables, as well as loading up in sander belts and burning/melting in and ruining them. Take some time to clean the surfaces off with the Simple Green solution kept in the shop and/or use the sandpaper erasers frequently during sanding.

Santa is watching you…or at least I am. Kinda the same thing, when you think about it.


So just to clarify for a novice here. Any SPF wood from Home Depot/Lowes is banned? Only the Whitewood from the vertical sections of previous mentioned stores is allowed?


Only banned on jointer/planer.


I’m looking on the woodshop wiki and not finding the new rules … have they been updated?


The Woodshop wiki has been generally untended for well over two years now, as is the place for Woodshop meeting agendas and minutes on the wiki; it is essentially vestigial at this point.

I also note that the history of changes has been effectively erased, somewhere in between Nov '17 and Oct '18:

It would be nice to know what happened and why. @denzuko @John_Marlow @jast


I think they converted the old committee pages into categories, so all associated things will be at the bottom.

Also, the area and tools rules are something that is required to be on the wiki.


Apparently not…


Wild West woodshop. No rules, no training required.


And more importantly than all that, no “most available wood in use today” because it’s sticky.


I’m with you, they make this stuff called simple green, cleans stuff right up! And yes, if need be I am prepared to help if it removes the ban…