YInMn blanks for sale


Hey there folks. I was given some of the YInMn pigment to play with in some resin casting and I just posted my results in another thread. Meanwhile I wanted to put these up for grabs with the profits going back to the Science committee to make more of these kinds of crossover projects. I have 4 pen blanks ($10), 2 pendant blanks ($5), and 1 finished pen ($25, for someone who doesn’t turn but wants in on the hot YInMn action) up for grabs here. 1 per person only please so we can spread the love. I will be at the space both tomorrow and Sunday should you want one and be able to come pick it up. Tagging @Josh_Melnick as I know he wanted one of the pen blanks.


I’d like a blank :smiley:


Pen or pendant?


Pen, sorry, failed to clarify.


Put me down for a pen blank


I will guess pen blank as well?


d’oh made the same mistake; yes, a pen blank.


I would like to buy the finished pen if it’s still available.


So to recap I have Julie down for the pen
Thefinal and Hon1nbo down for a pen blank.

That leaves 2 pen blanks and 2 pendant blanks still up for grabs.


I’d like a pens blank- do you have the green ones from last week? Kevin wanted one of those as well.


Yes I have Kevins green one pulled aside for you, did you want one of the YInMn’s also?

Off topic but here’s how the green ones came out.


Yes! I would like to buy one of the blue as well. I’ll tell @omturbo to jump on talk and look at the green ones.


Yessa, I would like to grab one or two of the green ones. They came out pretty nice imo. Cant wait to see how they looked turned out.

How would you recommend finishing them btw? I like a CA finish for the wood bits but since its mixed, would that still be the way to go? In your opinion I mean.


Yeah I generally recommend a CA finish for a wood resin hybrid. that way in case of accidental moisture it wont wick into the middle and expand (and possibly crack).


Actually, in thinking about it more. I might take more of them from you if able. There was a total of 5 blanks that came from it? or 4?


4 and 1 is already spoken for, but I do have a bag full o pen blanks you could rifle through. You going to be at the space this weekend at all?


I would like one of the pen blanks.


Have you put any time or thought into making the resin blanks with the brass pen tube already embedded? I am just wondering how easy or difficult it would be.


Alright, then if I could get 3 of those green ones, I would like it very much.


Updated recap
I have Julie down for the pen
Thefinal, Hon1nbo, omturbo, and malcomputer down for a pen blank.

That leaves 2 pendant blanks still up for grabs.