YInMn blanks for sale


I was just looking at tube in molds today. Wondering how they turn.


thought about it a lot, but haven’t tried it yet. I think it would require some very specific sized rubber or plastic stoppers.


I want to buy or make a mold and found a place that just sells the stoppers.


Ive heard they turn just fine. What’s the site for the stoppers? Maybe we can collaborate on some molds.


Turner’s warehouse sells the molds https://www.turnerswarehouse.com/products/silicone-casting-molds?variant=43695668876
I’ve also found a four chamber mold on Etsy for $35.

Edit: I need to learn to read fully before replying. The stoppers I’ve found were on an Etsy site for the slimline.


I’ll take a pendant blank. Can pay you tomorrow at your 12:30 secret wood pendant class.


I have an HDPE mold I am working on for just this. I just need a .25" HDPE rod to finish it (on the “to buy” list). The inner dimension of a 7mm tube is .249 so the mold is a standard rectangle mold with .25" diameter hole drilled halfway through .5" wall on ends of mold so that the HDPE rod will sit up in it holding the tube centered in the mold. Can then pull the side off the mold and slide the rod out for the finished blank with tube in the middle. The snug fit of the rod in the tube should prevent any seepage into the tube, but might still need a barrel trimmer to clean it up if it does.

Mold can then be used for standard blanks as well (with .25" nibs on the ends)

Anyone see any holes in this idea?


This is essentially how I was thinking of doing it.


Ok just 1 pendant blank left :slight_smile:


ah ok. Well lets see how @jeeves comes out, sounds like he has a sound plan and that might be the more cost effective way to go.


I prefer HDPE molds anyway. Can’t wait to see how it works!


I want 2, thanks man


If a pendant is still lurking in the “for sale” pile, can I call dibs?


There’s one left and it’s all yours!


Yay! I’ll be at the space tomorrow (Sunday) and Monday. Where should I slip the payoff?


I will be in CA from noon-5 tomorrow, you can bring cash or I can give you my paypal info when you come by :slight_smile: