Would anybody be so kind as to give me a HAAS Refresher?

Hi fellow makers,

We have a new project coming up where we will need to create some Class 1 Div 1/2 housings for our Basler cameras and I would like to take this opportunity to be more proficient with the HAAS.

I haven’t used the HAAS in a while and would not mind paying for some time to get a refresher on the current set up.

Thanks in advance

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I can’t help you on the Haas portion, but I can’t help but point out if you need that specific rating it may be wise to invest in one that actually has the classification. If it’s a compliance checkbox typically the hardware has to be certified by a recognized underwriter. (also, specifically for Class 1, do you know what Group subcategory it’s going to be exposed to?)

Group D. These units will be going on drilling rigs. We plan on testing out some different designs just as mock units for mounting. We have a test rig that we will be visiting and have another year or two before putting the system into production.

That makes building one a little easier at least, not as much corrosive and imcompatible properties on seals.

@procterc @TBJK know if the tool changer has a ball nose in it? If not @Simpl you’d probably need to do a tool setup with one for making the seal groove.

Is the current tool crib posted on the https://dallasmakerspace.org/wiki/HAAS_Mill up to date, by any chance? Looks like the latest modification to that file was in 2017.

No it isn’t. However before you embark on your company project you should probably be confident enough to set up your own tooling.

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The one you’re looking for would be on the team share, it’s the “DMS Carbide” one. I don’t think we have a ball nose in the set, but there’s some open slots of course for you to provide your own. If you’re doing it for work stuff it’s probably best to bring your own anyway.

As far as who can help with HAAS re-training, not sure who has the ability with COVID. There’s not many of us around that can teach it who aren’t either older than dirt or living with someone immunocompromised.

Dirt is in fact older than I


I don’t think Carbon Dating works that far back.


I could but, but haven’t been to the space in a few months. I actually need to get up there for a CNC project. I need to send a payment in for my dues. Also who is over the machine shop? Last time I went up there to use it my key fob didn’t work to open it or turn it on I should say.

I haven’t gotten the chance to set up my own tooling yet, I have only used the tools in the tool crib previous and adjusted the CAM for those. I would be very interested in learning so I could bring some tooling.

That was part of the class. You sure you actually completed it? You can’t have used the equipment without setting that up at some point.

I completed the class back when Bryan was teaching it in 2016 and made the domino. I have not personally added any tools. The refresher would be much appreciated here.

I wouldn’t mind paying your dues if you allow me to tag along for your project and refamiliarize myself? :slight_smile:

@TBJK It sounds like he might need to re-take the class. I believe Nick (while he was chair) had most if not all of the people that Brian signed off removed from the HAAS user list because that group wasn’t properly trained on the operation of the HAAS.

@Simpl No offense, of course, it’s just that you’ve asked a few questions that we hammer home in the training. I really appreciate that you’re wanting a refresher as that shows you actually care about breaking things, but we’ve changed the class quite a bit since you took it, and we now force people to test on some of the things your class didn’t even cover.

Which begs the question, when did you take your training?

Of course, no offense taken. I’m here to learn and am happy to learn again, but there haven’t been any classes available, which is understandable, hence my inquiry.

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even then, just completing the domino did not grant you access. Bryan didn’t add people to the sanctioned list unless he felt you could do it without supervision. So were you able to log in before? Have you changed fobs since then? Access would have been tied to your fob ID number.

Unless the HAAS is weird, it should actually tie to his user ID. If you’re on the same user id in the access file, that gets updated with a new fob number whenever that changes. At least – that’s how the woodshop machines work. Those are supposed to re-check the database every 30 minutes for the latest fob numbers.

no, the haas rfid is not tied to any database. It is hard coded in a file running on the beagle backbone. so unless someone manually updates a new fob number, you lose access if you get a new fob. so yes, I guess the HAAS is weird.

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