Woodshop Training Requests Q4 2021

Hello everyone! I also just joined the maker space and would like to attend a workshop basics class, as that space was my primary reason for joining. Looking at the calendar, it seems all spaces on the very few classes available are all full.

Hey Ryan,

I offer one on one class for woodshop. Dm me.

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Hey Scott,

I offer one on one for wood shop. Dm me.

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Added two Basic’s training class, Dec 11th and 18th, Am

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I would love to! However, I haven’t unlocked that feature quite yet and have only now realized the way this space is set up and how abilities are granted over time. So, hopefully soon!

Since Scott hasn’t hit the read/write time for DM, you should DM him. He can answer you.

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go to the “messages” menu under your avatar
select the welcome message from discobot

interact with the tutorial as it prompts
you will unlock all features.
More info in the “Read First” sticky


There is a class on Nov 22 that has some space available.

Nov 22 @ 6:30PM: Events | Dallas Makerspace Calendar


I have experience in the woodshop but new to DMS and looking for clearance to use it.
Here are my available dates:

W 11/17 all day
M 11/22 all day until 5pm
W 11/24 morning
M 11/29 all day until 5pm
W 12/1 morning
F 12/3 all day until 4pm

edit: I inadvertently linked to a specific post instead of top of thread. Fixed now…

It says I don’t have any messages


I’l be there wen 11/17 at 6pm. I can walk you through and get you signed off.

Let me know.


That’s great. See you at 6pm Wed. Thank you!

Thanks @jast for consolidating all these requests. I think it keeps woodshop from occupying the top 20 slots of the page consistently.

Just checked and it says “full”

Thank you John. See you tomorrow at 6.


I’ve added woodshop Basics classes for:
Sun Nov 28, 10am
Sat Dec 11th, 9:30am
Sat Dec 18th, 9:30am


Would anyone be willing to teach a bowl turning class? I’ve been looking for one for a while but never catch when/if they pop up

Any one interested in a cutting board class? It will be two days. So if you are interested, please let me know and what day/time will work for you. Also, it will be $40. Bring your own wood or I’ll provide wood.

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I am interested.

I am free on Tuesday evenings, and am flexible on weekends.

I don’t have any wood, so I would appreciate any wood that you can provide.