Woodshop Training Requests Q4 2021

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Let’s centralize all training requests and class postings to consolidated, quarterly posts.
If you’d like a class, post it here. (mods, feel free to merge new topics into one post each quarter.)
If you’re posting a class for a certain date, announce it here.
Please remember that all classes are taught by volunteers who are giving up their own making time to teach. Woodshop and Lathe basics classes typically ask for a $10 donation to Woodshop to help cover supplies and maintenance costs.
If you’re unable to make classes repeatedly, you’re always welcome to ask for 1-1 training and / or offer teachers an incentive (like cash, rare wood, snacks, or otherwise.)
Mods is it possible to pin this in the Woodshop category?

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Next two Woodshop Basics classes [look for them to show on the calendar in the next couple days] are:

Oct 13 [Wed] 6:30-9:30PM - Events | Dallas Makerspace Calendar
Oct 16 [Sat] 9AM - 12PM - Events | Dallas Makerspace Calendar

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Wow, these events fill up fast! I’m still trying to make it into one of them so if anyone can’t make it please let me know. :slight_smile:

Go ahead and check the class the day before, or even the afternoon before. One current glitch in the Calendar is that, while it marks the class Full when it fills up, it doesn’t change the title when somebody cancels. So, click through to the class. It may say something like “1 space available of xx”, If so, you can sign up. You’ll have to login up in the upper right corner. User ID and your password.


I have added two more classes [they will hit the calendar in 72 hours].

Oct 26 [Tues] 6:30-9:30PM - Events | Dallas Makerspace Calendar
Oct 28 [Thur] 6:30-9:30PM - Events | Dallas Makerspace Calendar


I would also like to join a class. I’ll check a few days before the class for cancellations but any possibility for a class in November?

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I’m still waiting for a MultiCam class. Where do we stand with that?

I’ve added two classes in November.

Nov 3 [Wed] 6:30-9:30PM - Events | Dallas Makerspace Calendar
Nov 9 [Tues] 6:30-9:30PM - Events | Dallas Makerspace Calendar

These will go “live” in 72 hours [Friday ~ 9:30AM].


I just posted a woodshop basics class for Sat Nov 6th, 9:30am - 12:30 pm. It will go live Sat Oct 30th.

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Hello all,

I posted a woodshop basic training class for Nov but I do understand that some can not make the times or the classes fill up. So I am offering to teach one on one or in small groups.

I can’t guarantee I can accommodate your schedule but I will try. Message me.

Just a heads up, there is plenty of room in tomorrow’s Woodshop Basic Class:

Nov 3 6:30-9:30PM: Events | Dallas Makerspace Calendar

If you can’t make that one, space is still available next Tuesday as well.


Lathe Basics set for Tuesday November 16th at 6pm. Should be on the calendar Thursday.


I just added some classes for woodshop.

Woodshop Basics, Sat Nov 13th 9:30am and Sat Nov 20th 9:30 am.
Butcher Block Conditioner, Sat Nov 13th, 1pm.

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Massive thank you to all our teachers!

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Any volunteers to do a class on warping? How to control it throughout your project and deal with it when it happens. Just learned how frustrating this can be the hard way.

There are tons of videos online about warping and how to fix.

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Well, that argument can be made about every single class inside and outside the makerspace lol.

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I think @jphelps is offering a class on Shapeoko 2 next Tuesday, but it’s full and I don’t see anymore training on it for the rest of this year. Is there a way for me to be notified if there’s a sudden opening and what is the procedure for requesting future class on it, if I can’t attend the Nov 16th class?

Hey everyone, I just joined Dallas maker space today and got my badge and everything sorted out. I joined mainly to use the woodshop because my table saw at home isn’t large enough to make some cuts on some furniture I’m making. I’m mostly at a stand still on the project until I can make these cuts. If anyone would be willing to do a 1on1 or add an intro sign off class I would be extremely appreciative. The class for next Saturday is already full.