Woodshop Layout Draft


Last night @Mrksls2 took measurements of all the equipment we currently have in the Woodshop. This layout is an idea of what I have for the new woodshop layout. Please be critical! I will take no suggestions offensively, as I know we are all trying to make the DMS a better place.

These measurements are about 2 or 3 inches bigger on each side, which will allow for play in adjustments and space in between tools.

A few notes:

  • Sanding Area: Walled off. I would guestimate that 75% of our dust comes from sanding, and walling off the area could allow for members to finish their projects without worry of dust interference. It will also help if there is a dedicated vacuum vent for the room itself, along with channels directly connected to each tool. The should also be a roll-up garage-like door in case we need to bring in a big piece. Or maybe double doors?
  • Additional equipment: I’ve planned for a new:
  1. 5x5’ CNC Router Table (this is actually 6x6’ in the floorplan)
  2. Panel Saw
  3. 2 x Jet Lathes
  • Multicam and New CNC tables have their respective desk/computers positioned to view the table at the appropriate X/Y axis.
  • Tool storage is located in the center to allow ease of access for all members
  • Addition of 150% more wood working tables
  • I’m not sure what the Oneway is, I couldn’t read Mark’s handwriting.
  • Back corner room is open if you guys have any ideas, other than secure storage. Right now it’s just being used as the PR office. Maybe a finishing/drying/painting area that is 100% dust free?
  • Miter saw and Panel saws are located immediately next to the double door entrance to allow members to chop their wood upon arrival.
  • There needs to be some sort of dust collection footprint or something? I remember someone talking about it being located on the floor to allow ease of changing the filters, otherwise it would never be changed. I have not put those in the plan, but it should be easy to add. Needs one for the CNCs for sure. Not sure how we’re planning those right now
  • Might need to add some storage space for shop vacs. Could use tool storage or personal storage.
  • One (or half) of the personal storage green boxes will need to be used for vertical storage.
  • Another thing I did not plan: If instructors that will be teaching woodworking classes need to use the work tables. The tables are located adjacent to the Multicam, which may be very loud at times. I think the work tables should be moved further away. It would also help to keep the dust from the multicam to affect projects that are sensitive to dust.

Let me know what you think!

Send me an email at [email protected] if you want a copy of the AI file so that you can edit the layout as you feel necessary. Talk won’t allow me to upload AI files.


Some thoughts from the peanut gallery.

-The sharpening area is quite far from the lathes and work benches. My assumption is that these two areas would require the most use of it.
-The drill press seems randomly placed, but I shouldn’t say much because I don’t really have a better suggestion.
-Perhaps the new CNC and workbenches can be swapped around? I’m not sure how much use the lathe users will get out of workbenches (could be totally off base here)
-The CNCs and Panel Saw are probably the two tools most likely to work on full size sheet goods, the panel saw is in a good place, but does the CNC have the space to easily maneuver a 4’x8’ sheet through the shop and on to the table? (More importantly, is that something that’s common enough to factor in to its placement…)
-I love the idea of an isolated room, would it be better as a sanding room (keep dust out of the shop) or as a finishing room (keep dust out of the room)? Perhaps that’s a use for the back room, it would be wonderful to finish in a dust free environment.

I’m not sure if you want to open this can of worms but if you released a list of those dimensions I bet you could get a couple different layout ideas from members.


here’s mark’s notes on dimensions
thanks for your input!


Why is 1/3rd of the available committee space “Personal Storage”?


With approx. 900 trained Woodshop members, we really need 2-3 good drill presses, versus the 1 we have now that is broken down half the time.

Looks good. I am very much looking forward to the new space.


Might be helpful to know the orientation of some the tools to understand potential conflict with other tools being used, especially with respect to kickback.

For example in our existing layout (not above), using the SawStop puts you in the kickback zone of the Miter station and using the Jointer can be more difficult when Multicam is in use. Some issues are unavoidable with limited space and obviously comfort levels vary by the individual.

Thank you for drafting this and soliciting feedback.


Orientation is also helpful to understand feed directions. Example: Which way does material enter/exit the planer? Also may be helpful to consider electrical and dust collection efficiencies. I’m thinking of the way the current planer and jointer essentially have electric and dust collection coming down in the same place.


My two cents:

  • Might want to move the table saws so they back up to a wall. That way any kick back [hopefully never] won’t send wood flying toward other stations/people behind them. To a lesser degree the same would be beneficial for the jointer.

  • Are there any “big” dream purchases that we might make in the next couple years - do we make provisions for them now?

  • I assume the personal storage gets pushed out as we need the room [and only there because we currently have more room than we need] - but once the storage has been added, will we be allowed to get rid of it as we need more space?

  • I love all the work tables, but we are going to need to purchase a lot of trash cans to put around them to dump all the junk/trash people leave behind.

All the room and work surfaces are going to be great! Like the initial layout.


My initial thoughts is we don’t have enough room for infeed/outfeed for the table saws, jointer, and planer.

And the OneWay is the big white lathe if I’m not mistaken.


Yes! Really sort of a “must do”.


Presumably because material storage has long been a pain point for wood shop. However, I recall considerable project storage remaining available just outside of wood shop in the post-expansion floor plan, begging the question why the precious space inside the woodshop is being made available for storage.


yes the oneway is the big white lathe. we will definitely want the sharpening station near the lathes. The lathes will also need consideration for kickback. the danger zone directly in front and behind the headstock is capable of launching a large chunk of wood across the shop. I may have experienced that first hand. Maybe a plexi wall of some sort?


I think it would be interesting to put the personal storage wall between the lathes and the rest of the shop.



Downloadable link in case you want to play with the layout yourself

I’ll take all above comments and make changes as I see fit. My draft is in no way any form of final decision, so let’s share ideas!


Did we throw out the original draft that Andrew created months ago? It took into account most everything we have mentioned I believe.


Is this the one you’re referring to?


Yes and No. There have been some modifications and I know last Thursday there was a meeting on the layout (Jeep battery died so I missed it). Don’t know what the outcome of that is.


Agreed Scott,

I think we could honestly get some smaller 10 inch bench-top mounted drill presses for smaller projects and set them up on the Miter saw area. Most of the projects I see get done on the beast we have now are tiny.


Where is the dust collector located?


No, the drawing from Andrew is much older, before we had the PM66, it included the dust collector in the drawing.