Woodshop Layout Draft


This is too much storage, probably. The floor plan already looks/feels crowded. I can see a certain judicious amount of inside-woodshop storage, maybe for vertical storage or special/class projects or storing sleds and jigs neatly, but once any space is allocated for members storage and gets used up and becomes the status quo, it will never be able to be recovered for other uses (or at least not easily).

I’d rather see general project storage outside the wood shop used for this, or nearby offsite solutions (e.g. right across the highway) urged. This solution has already worked for a group or two of folks.


RL350 is the new dust collector


To add to this: I’d like to see 10 feet indeed and outfeed on both table saws. 8 feet really ain’t a long board.

I think that adding personal storage to woodshop itself is a virtually irreversible bad idea and takes away from woodshop. Vast amounts of non-committee storage is a bad focus.


Draft 2
Took a lot of what you guys mentioned into account (except for the 10 in/outfeed)
I’ll do that soon


How many new lathes do we plan to get? I’ve seen up to 12 lathes in some plans. Seems like a lot


No idea what actual plans are, but I can see room for two more jets (maybe pen making sized) just opposite/‘west’ of the two jets along ‘east’ wall, as long as tour path was modified to go between jointer and tools storage area. I’ve never been a big fan of tours getting close to people working on lathes. I’ve been bumped into before by someone paying more attention to his smart phone than surroundings :–(

Are the small grid squares = 1 sq ft?


As one of the main turning instructors, I think the current plan to get 2 more Jets is ideal. One of them has been broken for a few months now, and I don’t know much about its repair status; but I will say I typically can handle 4 students at a time. We currently have 4 operational, and that completely closes them out for member use during a class. Plus the larger 2 are not ideal for smaller project classes, which is what I tend to teach. 2 more Jets would give us a total of 5 and even if one is down that leaves enough for a class and 2 left for member use during class times. I have actually been avoiding teaching lately because that one Jet is down and I prefer to use the Jets for instruction.

Also something to consider for placement is that one of the full size lathes has an extension bed which adds another 3 feet to it. I cant remember which though.


I like it! Probably should consider the infeed/outfeed for jointer and planer too.


Like this better. Suggestion: swap Laguna band saw and the Planer. Then have Jointer closest to sanding, followed by a staging table and then the Planer … all oriented in the same direction, but offset enough that they are not directly in line with each other.


Draft 3


In the meeting a couple of weeks ago, I remember Mark stating that we had to have “vertical storage” inside the shop. I still don’t quite understand the storage thing for anywhere in DMS, so I can’t speak to what that meant.

You probably need to know that there will be windows in the walls in the lower left of the drawing; the idea being “when people tour/walk by, they see enticing stuff happening.”


That’s good, too. Just offset the flow of Jointer & Planer and have a shared staging table in between.


Is this what you mean


Almost. Jointer should be first, then Planer. Plus shift one left, the other right so they are not in line. With the shift, either can work longer boards without interference.


I think move the Planer to the right in the drawing, and jointer to the left, that way they are not directly in a line. I’d also go ahead and sketch in the outfeed tables on the table saws, i think with the new space we should have nice outfeed tables built for both saws. Loving the changes so far, thank you for doing this.


I put red circles where the windows are supposed to be placed.

If this is determined to be the best layout, perhaps we need to ask @John_Marlow whether it might be possible to delete the window behind the miter saw?


Maybe just the opposite if I am thinking about this correctly. In any event, stagger so the person is not in line with the lumber. User stands on the left of the Jointer and on the right on the Planer when viewed from the feed end.


Also, (and @John_Marlow can correct me if I’m wrong) I don’t think there is a door behind that dust bin by the main entry doors. If that is correct, perhaps the miter saw could be placed over there between the double-doors into the “stuff that doesn’t concern us” room and the dust bin(s)?



We probably don’t need the level of detail yet, but I would love to propose we have 2 longer work tables, 10 feet long, reserved for longer glue-ups. Can be used by anyone, but if someone needs to glue up something 6 feet, or 10 feet long, they get priority to use the long tables.