Where’d all the specialized good router bits go?

So the new set is nice but there’s some very specific very good routers bits missing, the 2 xl cove bits thw xl patterns double bearing bit, the blue flat top square bit, the bigger blue flat top square bit, the tall red bottom bearing patten bit all were very sharp and very useful and in no way shape or form any lass safe to use that any of the other router bits yet they have vanished, I’m assuming into the locked cabinet?? Or someone stole them

I noticed 2 bits missing yesterday (wait, maybe Sunday?) and was pissed enough to actually take a picture with the intention of posting a rant, which I reconsidered before doing.

In this picture, two bits are missing and nowhere to be found. The third bit (lower left) was in the router, which is fine, since it was there.

People suck. How hard is it to put a fucking bit back where you found it?

I’m leaning toward more gatekeeping. Or at least let us have locked storage for personally-bought group tools. Like a bit set bought by 10 non-asshole members to share.

ETA: I do NOT think DMS-owned tools should be gate-kept but I DO think we should have a way for more conscientious groups of members to gate-keep and secure their own tools. And that’s not excluding anyone: anyone is free to buy and secure their own tools. I’m all for equality!


No there were other more specialized bits that wouldn’t come in a set like that, ie the ones I listed above in detail that are gone, and the water tray for the tormek is hidden, so this list of thing bought with Dms community money they are being privately horded for use by only a select few keeps getting longer and longer and longer


All of the old router bits were removed at the last committee meeting.

The standard case pictured above was put in the cart as a way to make it easier to inventory and replace bits over time. (Future woodshop chairs can simply rebuy the same set periodically as this set gets dull.)

The removed bits that were still sharp were saved in case someone brought up a specific bit as missing- like you’ve done here. If you’d like to look through the pile and pull the ones you mentioned as unique, they can be put back out.

Not sure where the tormek water tray is though. It should be on the tormek.

If something changes in the shop- perhaps try asking if there’s a reason for the change before accusing malfeasance, theft, mismanagement, etc. I think you’ll find that generally the reason for the change is simply that there’s a change, and with some talking maybe we can edit the change.

I’m experimenting with ways to streamline the job of woodshop chair and the changes you’re occasionally seeing are part of that.


I don’t think there is a “select few” group hoarding things, I think it is more likely misplaced, trashed [mistakenly or broken], or stolen. DMS doesn’t have an illuminati or royalty class; everyone’s dues buys them the same access. While the expansion might have tapped us a little financially, we are much more limited on volunteerism, teachers, and general labor - tools we have and hopefully continue to purchase and upgrade as space, money, and time come available. [Thanks @hon1nbo for the panel saw donation!]

My hope is the router bits were accidentally taken home and will find their way back home – so if you have been using the router table lately, please check to see if you might have a bit to return. It isn’t worth the risk to steal a $30-100 router bit and get booted from DMS.

Finally, please make sure to clean up and put the tools away after you’re done - leave the space better than when you arrived. Also consider teaching a class, emptying the Felder [or trash can] or filling the paper towel dispenser [someone has to do it eventually].


It’s a conspiracy!

Tormek water trey is next to the sink in the wash room in between the two bathrooms. I was scrubbing out all the built up gunk in it and got a phone call and got side tracked so that’s my bad.


Firstly it’s closer to 400$ in router bits and, I love how it’s bring it back and everything’s ok, when in previous cases it’s been communism’s iron first! But I’d love to go through the old bits, and we have Japanese saws and replacements yet I see none available for use? Where are they

Seriously, communism? You might want to go lookup the definition of that word before you start trying to use it. Maybe, just maybe if you stopped acting like a consumer and started acting like a member you would be better informed, not wonder what happened to things and not always jumping to the insanity based conclusions. The DMS woodshop does not exist for Chris Fazio’s enjoyment and pleasure. It exists for all. It further exists because a few volunteer to keep it going.

If someone took something from the 'Space, and then another member files a complaint with the BoD, and then if there is enough clear and convincing evidence such that 3 of 5 directors agree that actual theft occurred, then in all likelihood the warm and friendly and comforting fist of Communism will almost certainly descend with a loud crunch, just like always.


As far as I am aware there is 1 Japanese saw in the cabinet, no replacements.

There is 1 saw out currently for use.

There is already a plan in place to move the locked saw into use, it’s just going to take some time to develop that solution.



Yea exactly, nobody seems inclined to check cameras, just more of a ehh it might have happened, cause 1 these were not dull bits, these were not old bits, these were not bits with burn marks or anything but flawless bearing, no Nicks no dings in the cutting edge, the powder coat perfectly intact, so these weren’t just “tossed out cause they were old” wherever they went was on purpose with whoever full and well knowing the significance of the bits and the quality of the bits but still it’s just ehh we tossed em,

And hey Freddy, I have literally fully dusted and cleaned the shop before i left EVERY SINGLE time I’ve been there since we re opened from covid, and I’m guess you cant say the same can you! Every single time I’ve been there before I’ve left I’ve taken the air hose blown all of the dust on all the machines and dust mopped the whole entire shop, every single time I’ve been there! But I feel you “volunteering” is a little less thorough that what you claim to be my i dont give a f about the shop level I’m of input! So

That sure is a big decline from when a bod memeber posted when he inventoried last time I had this point brought up

This post by the BoD member from the Last time you brought up the supposed tool hoard and it was found to all be reasonable to store or out and available to use?

After looking through the cabinet there’s a half dozen Japanese saws. The only other tools that are in here are class specific, for maintenance, or there are replacements for tools that are already out.

As stated earlier, there’s an action plan already in place to move the “fine woodworking” tools, like the pull saws, into a centralized location out of the locked cabinet and their other various locations. This will take a few months but is already under way.


Every single thread you start goes from complaints and accusations to you bringinf up again that you are so generous because you sweep, maybe throw in an offer to do something already done or not needing to be done. Can you find a new pattern to try and accuse and bring down the woodshop?


You mean like maintain machines I see that are broken? Oh wait I already do that, so help maintain the tools, check clean the shop, check anytime I see someone who looks like they don’t know what they’re doing I never mind taking my time to show them or give advice or help, check! What else would you like me to do? Seriously I want a very specific list of what else you think I could do, seriously make a list. Cause I’m assuming it’s not gonna be a long cause I’m already doing most of what you claim I’m not

You know, you probably shouldn’t do this. That’s how dust explosions happen.

Kudos for you cleaning up.


Well good for you for helping keep the shop clean and running, thanks. Thanks to everyone else that also does the thankless work. Maybe the adjustment that needs to be made is to not accuse everyone for theft, miss management or intentional whatever communist plot, etc.

If you need a professionally maintained fully stocked, everything working and tuned to the nth degree, you will always be disappointed at DMS. But for $50-$60/month it is pretty damn good for me. You probably do not remember when we had one jigsaw and one screw driver.

Most committees at DMS are run as best efforts by well intentioned people.