What's Cooking? December 2021

Make us drool with your successful dishes. We’ll commiserate with your failures.

Pics/recipes appreciated!

Anticipation! Still 200+ grams of water loss to go.


Do you have a dedicated dry aging fridge?

I have a second office fridge that is normally for drinks but meat is better…

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How many days in are you? I heard 30-45 days was a good window.

At ~35 days now. 14 for the cure in vacuum bag and now 21 in the drying phase. Probably got 2-3 weeks to go. One is drying faster than the other? I think they would go quicker if hanging instead on laying on a wire rack. Want to try a charcuterie class at DMS some day.

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@Lampy, you might check out the “Glen and Friends” YouTube cooking channel. He’s been experimenting with several different dry aging recipes like this one for capocollo/capacolla/gabagool: https://youtu.be/ttLbReotkZo

I like his channel: he’s not afraid to experiment and he has a bunch of old cookbooks and will often experiment with different iterations of the same recipe from different decades. A bit experimental like Alton Brown, but without the wacky skits and props.


My wife and I made sandwiches for dinner, based on a Purple Carrot lunch recipe (with mods). Homemade toasted sourdough sandwich rolls with caramelized onions, arugula, fig jam, and vegan cheese.

Recipe here: Cashew Cheese & Fig Melts | Plant-Based Recipes

We swapped out my homemade rolls for the sourdough bread, cooked the onions for closer to 25 minutes on low, and added a touch (1/2 tsp) of brown sugar to the onions about 3 minutes before finishing. A small yellow onion was just right for three sandwiches.

Absolutely delicious.

Definitely on the “will make again” list. I had two, but with some good sides to serve with them, one sandwich would satisfy.


Love Glen’s channel. Some of those old recipes are interesting, some kinda scary. Another good channel is 2 Guys and a Cooler. Although there is only one guy?!

Certainly going to have to try the fig jam.

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Breakfast pizza

Leftover Bolognese sauce, mushroom, lightly scrambled egg, avocado, mozzarella and parmesan.

425 in the oven for 15 to cook the bread, finish the egg and melt the cheese.


Cream Cheese, butter, chives scrambled eggs with powdered low carb cheeto puffs on top.


Homemade Hoagies for Philly Cheesesteak Night at @Scott_Blevins’s house.


Failed dessert effort.
Lots to learn here.

Recipe called for “caramel sauce”, so I made my own using Bobby Flay’s recipe from here.
Flavor was good, but it turned out grainy, so I need to figure that out, especially if I want to use this as a topping or such. Also, too much salt in mine. Easy fix: use less salt next time.

The main attempt was for " Juici Apple Oatmeal Cookie Skillet" published in my local electric supplier’s monthly rag.

It went together nicely though I used Gala or Fuji or whatever apples we bought last time out. Did not do the white chocolate chips (though I suspect they’d be wonderful, I didn’t have any, and didn’t feel like laying any in for this project). I intended to do a sugar glaze, but didn’t remember before first try.
I overcooked it, as can be seen in the “burnt” apple/sugar mixture on top, so again, easy fix there to know it’s “done” earlier. I left it in the hot oven an extra 5 min b/c I didn’t think the cookie was done, but it probably would have been better if I’d pulled it right at the end of the time quoted. But I think the bigger issue is the funky aftertaste. We’re about 90% sure that 2TB of soda is waaaay too much (note this randomly selected recipe for Oatmeal Raisin Skillet Cookie is comparable and uses 1/2tsp…@3tsp/TB, I used what 12x as much?) and is causing the funky taste. IF we do this again, that will certainly be cut down significantly (lesson to learn: if “that feels wrong”, it probably is. I should have double checked when I was thinking TWO TB?!? That seems like way too much! but dutifully measured it out and put it in anyway).
Anyway, here’s the crappy pic of the crappy dessert with the not-as-crappy caramel sauce remnants, all of which I chalk up as “FAIL!”, but with lessons to carry forward.


And they were ridiculously good. :baguette_bread::baguette_bread::baguette_bread::baguette_bread:


James made a yummy fresh tomato and red pepper soup from a Jamie Oliver recipe.


Baking cookies with the kiddo.


Made some summer sausage, about 11.5lbs.
Made with pork & beef. I ground the pork shoulder in our grinder. I made regular, Cheddar, Jalapeño, Jalapeño & cheese. I would have made it & brought it to the machine shop committee meeting Saturday but I ended up working late Friday.


Invader Zim cookies?


I thought Jack Skellington…