What can I use to cut this aluminum LED channel?

I’ve been putting these up around my apartment for LEDs:

Before joining DMS, I cut them with a dremel and handsaw, which took forever and made straight cuts very hard.
Is there a machine I can use for this? I need to cut them straight and 45 degree angles. I’d prefer if I could cut the plastic cover at the same time, so it’s even. But cutting that by hand is fast.

I bought them from here. It says they’re anodized, which seems to be true. Most of them have a frosty finish. But the ends, along with spots I scratched, are shiny, even after months.

At its thickest, the metal is about 1/8"
The channel itself is 6/8" wide by 1/4" tall (and about 1/16" taller with the plastic cover in place).

Evolution Cold Saw in the machine shop. You’ll need training, though. Tool Time with Tim in the machine shop is usually Thursdays 6-8pm where you can learn to cut this and actually do the deed.


Thanks! I’ll check that out.
Is that usually on the event calendar? I don’t see it there now.

Is the aluminum saw out of commission ? That would be far better than the cold saw. No mess.

The evolution is the saw for aluminum.

It is reoccurring, I don’t put it on the calendar normally. I just announce on Talk if I am not going to be in.


Ah. When I think cold saw I think of the low speed water cooled saw.

My mistake.

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It is.
The Evolution is a dry saw.

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Seems to me like a bandsaw would a miter gauge would make easy work of that…

I went to Tool Time with Tim on thursday, and he showed me how along with giving me permission to use the machine.
I forget the name of the machine, but it was this one:

It’s right to the left of that door that’s between the machine shop and the plastics area.


Evolution Cold Saw

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To be pedantic, Evolution dry saw. Cold saws use coolant. Dry saws use special blades (carbide tipped). Both cut metal.

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You are, of course, correct. I got into the habit because that is the way they were introduced (the Kalamazoo and Evolution)