Wanted: Powder Coat Oven and Gun Tutorial


Is this oven big enough to powder coat something like a table leg?


Depends on the leg.

The kiln is 20"*29" wide, 22” deep.
You will need something to support it, plus a pan to catch any powder that falls.


Thanks. So the absolute limit on length is the square root of 20 * 20 + 29 * 29 + 22 * 22, 41.5"

Can an uncoated portion lean against the walls or will that damage the insulation?


A kiln is a bit overkill… Powder coat only needs 400 degrees… Pizza baking temperature. A standard electric oven (NO GAS) is adequate for things about the size of a tire rim. Even a dedicated toaster oven would suffice for small parts. That being said, once used the oven is contaminated and should never be used for food. There is some contaminate so not sure if a kiln would be affected since it uses much higher temperatures. I’ve built an oven capable of fitting an entire bicycle frame and have had great success. Anyway, back to the point… I’m not sure you should use a kiln… someone with more experience in kilns should chime in.


We do have a small oven and a large one capable of holding wheels and a bike frame. The small oven works. The large one does not, and needs simpler controls.

IF you want to take that on @steve_a , many would be happy.


I would love to work on that but don’t want to inhibit anyone else’s efforts. Anyone know who is currently working on the big oven? In the interim… I would be happy to show how to powder coat small items on the smaller oven. Although someone would have to show me that oven… not sure I’ve seen it.


As far as I know both are now fully operational?


I think it needs a bit more work. It doesn’t have an internal fan yet. I still don’t know what the Small oven is.


I believe @Chris_Wischkowsky was checking out the controller last week. You may want to touch base with Chris.


This is the small oven.

These are the usage instructions for the large oven.

The control panel is the same as the jewelery Melting Oven. So the instruction set can be simplified.


Thank you for pointing that out to me. I do appreciate it. My first impression is that its a bit small. A cheap $30 - $60 toaster oven would be more practical for two big reasons. The Toaster ovens have a glass front. Sometimes you need to know when a piece has “Flowed Out” and that is so much easier if you can have eyes on it. Opening the door is ok but that means you lose all the heat and should add a few minutes for the oven to re-heat to temperature. Also, Powder coating leaves a contaminate… if you have a designated toaster oven… its kind of, “Big Deal” but an oven with potential for other work, it could be a problem.
I have looked at the big oven. I have parts that could make it functional again. I’m a little iffy about the method of wiring but I’m not the ultimate expert. Still I think a simple test could tell us if the setup is sound.
I really think we are being held up by very solvable problems. Heck I’ll donate a toaster oven just to make it possible for small projects and even share what I know in a class if that helps the space.


I’d be interested in learning the basics of powdercoating for future projects with my motorcycle.



I’m looking to coat parts for my truck. Not sure that I could get my front bumper into the big booth but could at least get other parts in.


I was informed last night that the powder coat oven is working. Somehow I missed that. Still that means people can give it a try. If anyone is interested, I could give a quick demo on how to powder coat. It would take about an hour and I would just use a small oven rather than the big oven (More efficient and its just a demo). I would cover how to set up the gun and show the steps I use. Let me know if there is any interest and what day would work.


I would be interested. Most days after 6pm would work for me or a weekend.


Also interested! Same availability is Nagyk, after 6 or a weekend!


Interested. Evenings are best personally.


Yup, I would be interested also!!!


Count me in. The big booth would be big enough to fit table legs right? If I welded some square tubing about 30" tall, 26" wide?


I’d be interested. Just about anything is workable, as long as it isn’t in the next 7 days.