Updated Android App for Tracking Events Added to the DMS Calendar

The “Dallas Makerspace New Event Tracker” app has been updated to pull from the new calendar feed (versus the now inactive DMS meetup.com feed). Each time “Retrieve New Events” is pressed, the calendar feed is retrieved and only the newly added events since the last retrieval are displayed.


Very cool. Thanks to those that developed it.

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Nice, just installed and looks to be quite handy.

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Thanks for updating this!


Sounds great. But now I’d have to buy an Android device to use it …

When/if the calendar system update with, in part, React Javascript is completed, they would likely write a React Native app for use by Android and iOS devices, which would likely be more functional and tightly integrated than this app.


You wouldn’t happen to distribute APK’s for this would you?

First world problems.

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For those using the automatic daily notification of new events with your entered keywords option, that scheduled job would have ended after the recent app update. If you deselect and then select that checkbox again, it will run as it did before.

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Dear Technoprobic,
Please identify yourself by your real name.
I appreciate the enthusiasm but the group specifically discussed not using any outside social media for the Software Development Committee until we have separated SDC and VCC on Talk.
This requires the moderators to update the relevant titles of the leadership of both SDC and VCC for example.
We are compiling a list of software developers and a list of software development instructors (Teacher Pool) and will have everything operational shortly…

A basic iOS version is now in the app store at https://apps.apple.com/us/app/dms-new-events/id1482515455

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