Unaccounted for time on Blitzen

Last logged user finished at 1952:01:57

Blitzen shows 1952:29:29.

It appears as if Someone cut for about 30m and didn’t log time

We will put a cone on the laser

This has been resolved. Thanks!

Is there documentation on the logging policy for Blitzen and why don’t the other lazers have logs?

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There’s a sheet of paper on top of blitzen that explains a fair bit of this. It’s because we spent weeks refurbishing blitzen, and I got really tired of people immediately messing it up with no easy way of auditing it. In this case, it’s even less about the auditing and more to make sure that it gets routine maintenance after a certain amount of hours of use and everything else.

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Hi there,

I am a new member in the community. I started to learn the Thunder. Today was my first experience on Blitzen. It was really satisfied and I enjoyed it a lot. Thanks for taking care of the machine. I really appreciated the quality comparing to Donner. Thanks Joshua and people who helped.

Not sure if we need to report missing 3 mins on the log. But I started 1958:17:09 while the log was stayed at 1958:14:08 from previous entry.

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