Tiny home village being built really close

check this out - I’ll see if we can do a makercrawl once it’s a bit more built up
If anyone needs a lot the article says it has one spot left.

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Funny I haven’t really seen much construction. I’ll have to look around since I live in LD.

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Take your magnifying glass… :slight_smile:


Street address puts it at what looks to have simply been a large residential lot.

Edit: ~$500 a month to rent a 900 square foot lot. Small wonder they got a city to get behind that initiative - that strikes me as a tad more expensive than a typical mobile home park as well as more economically productive than most apartment complexes. Admittedly, five minutes of trying to find lot rental rates for other local mobile home parks has turned up absolutely nothing.


It’s such a small operations budget - under 90k for 13 homes. I’m wondering how they are dealing with roads/infrastructure/trash ect. I’m sure it’s a long game but 90k seems so tiny…ya see what I just did. Oh so funny.


Developer looks like he’s making it big with the next door expansion.

Interesting even more. It’s right next to small commercial development. I’m going to assume they will likely be doing a rock circle drive. I find it funny they call it from downtown because we don’t really have a downtown. It’s a couple blocks from the Police station & City Hall. The house on the lot next to it sold not that long ago for I think 210,000, I’m thinking that the land was part of it because it was not an “in shape house”.

Plus side is they can walk to the park to watch the 4th of July Fireworks or even sit on their lawns.

How many furlongs is a couple clocks? .00000000000001 astronomical units?

Just busting ya chops…this looks like an interesting project, but you better get along with the neighbors or you’re in for a heck of a ride.

Lmao… gotta love auto correct.

It’s a cool concept I must say but I’m not sure how sustainable it is. I can see living in a tiny home as a single person or possibly as a couple but as soon as you have kiddos I can’t imagine that living situation being easy. But it easily could be my way of looking at things.


Lot rental rates are hard to come by but depending on the part of town and lot size can range from 525-1000.

Found it out when looking at places closer to the space and work. Garland tends to be middle road around 650-800.

Personally, not worth it since way too much trouble. Kind of like a vespa scooter. Looks great on paper but no one wants to be caught around one.

Now a tiny home maybe a good option though. Just hope they don’t try to turn it into another house flipping scheme and drive the prices up towards the 1%-er range.


Could me that it’s too small to see… ar ar ar

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I’ve heard of it being done. I suspect it takes both the patience of a saint and a lot of relegating the kiddo(s) to the outdoors.

The economics for tiny homes seem to be more favorable in regions with far higher costs of living than the DFW area. When the economy forces you to look at housing you can barely afford some 90-120 minutes away from work, blowing mid/high 5 figures on a whimsical customized Tiny House that can be situated far closer to work that you own outright starts to look attractive. As such, pricing - be it DIY or hiring it done - tends to be somewhat higher than the local market is likely to favor.

I’ve pondered the idea as a RV / weekend getaway / retirement starter home, but not as a near-term primary residence.

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It would have to be located near a park in a state with perfect weather year round.

Lol. This one is close by 2 different parks within 200 yards. Then the library is essentially across the street. People will get a nice awakening Saturday mornings in football season and soccer season. Parents of both tend to get loud. I have been woken up by them and they are a bit farther away from me than this tiny development.

There is also the 3 (at least) parades through out the year & trunk or treat

I have a very good artist friend who lives in a teeny tiny bungalow in San Diego. Two kiddos two cats in around 600sq ft. But the kicker is that it’s San Diego so her life is largely lived outside and she has a separate studio. Everything is always colorful and everyone is always tan and active. It makes me jealous.

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Get over it. I used to think my destiny was to live in California. Went to college out there and had to come back home to Texas.

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Never! My brother lives in San Diego and makes a nice wage but is basically living (close to) paycheck to paycheck because of the cost of living. Still it’s a dream.


Visit him. Often.

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The tiny homes idea is appealing when it’s in a larger lot with not much nearby neighbors.
What will the behavioral norms be when they are clustered together?