The Moved & Improved Machine Shop

So many probably are wondering, How are things going to look?

Well, we are trying to make things easier to find as well more efficient for you.

We have added 4 server racks for out & in the open storage. 2 of them are between the Bridgeports. They have shelves on them allowing the most often tooling to be right by you & very easy to find. This hopes to make it so you dont have to go dig through the cabinets. There is 1 server rack between the 2 lathes. This will have shelves as well. We possibly will be able to put the chucks on them as well as the other common tooling. The last one is for the HAAS tooling. This will remove the tool holders from the table & onto a more efficient vertical storage.

As you have seen in the pictures so far, the major equipment is on the exterior of the shop. The tables, this includes the blue table & former Sherline table are in the center of the shop. In addition the gray cabinet & tool boxes are in the center. Once we get more of our items in place the sheet metal tools such as the shear, brake, turret punch, corner notcher & arbor press will be also in the middle arranged in a somewhat circular pattern to allow access to the equipment & sharing a common center point. If we have room, the turret drill press may go there as well.

The surface plate for inspection of your parts will also be easy accessible. It will retain a cover over the plate. There will be no storage allowed atop of this. It will be marked as such.


Also a very important one is the rule change we made some time ago. The rule stated that after we moved, Safety Glasses with Side Sheilds must be worn at all times while in the Machine Shop. These must meet the safety glasses standards of Z87.


Where will the Sherlines go in the new shop ?

Against the wall by the HAAS.

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I think you can see the Sherlines in this picture to the right of the HAAS


I saw the blueprint cabinet and totally missed the machines on top.



What you cannot see in the above picture is the roll-around computer for the Sherline CNC Lathe, it is positioned just to the left of the cabinets behind the HAAS. No more moving the computer back and forth, plenty of room for it to stay in one place.

This is not a Blueprint cabinet but a steel cabinet with plenty of deep drawers to house all of the Sherline tooling. Plus, plenty of other drawers to house metal cut-off pieces, small plate aluminum, rod, and other materials for the Sherlines. A one stop shop for miniature metal machining.


Beauty! Now if only WE COULD ACCESS THEM! Meanwhile, I noticed another payment to the space… for which I get squat. I actually don’t mind, but it seems like, if people can be there to move things… people should be able to be there to use them.

I’m sure that if you asked Tim he would let you make all the air lines, 3 phase drops. the three phase disconnects and clean up after yourself.


I love having the tooling accessible. Is there a large open area for toes/feet so we can stand close enough to the table to see the workpiece while machining?

EDIT: At least large enough for my jumbo feet? :rofl:

Happy to help anyway I can. Air lines, sure I can probably handle that. Three phase drops as well but I’m not a certified electrician so I can’t do the hook up but show me the cable and I can run it.

@TBJK, very catch thread title!

Well it is looking better. Kinda coming together. Another thing worth mentioning is we tested the RFID interlock last night. So those will be gradually coming online, sooner than later.

A picture right before I left this evening. Like I said more work to go. Including getting the Sam’s 6ft toolbox for the Sherlines.


So is all of Art there, or have you beheaded him ?


Wow! Good eye! I didn’t see him until you pointed it out.

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It is looking great!! Thank you for all you’ve done, including everyone who has helped.

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Lol. It didn’t take long for someone to spot him.


Great to see a lot of neat tools we had are now accessible: arbor press, brake, shear, etc.

Once tools and everything are are in drawers the place will look much neater and more organized.


Do I see 3 manual mills,a digital readout on a lathe?


We currently have in the line up:

  • The old Bridgeport Mill, in complete working order
  • The old Colchester Lathe, in complete working order
  • The Shark Lathe (with DRO), in working order, but without classes or sign offs yet.
  • The PASMA mill, not in working order (I think this one needed some TLC, but has no major problems)
  • The Millport mill, not in working order (I think this one needed the X-Y nut replaced, but I might have the two backwards)