Sound Design / Songwriting Workshop

Hey Y’all,

I am kind of a jack of all art trades and want to start teaching classes. I’m good at Sound Design and Songwriting and am thinking of teaching some classes on these subjects as well as some other random ideas. I have created sound assets for an E3 award winning video game and some other games and installation experiences at the Savannah College of Art and Design and the Royal College of Art.

Please check my profile for my education details, you might get a better idea of what to expect. I also have some connections in the music industry here in the DFW area that are willing to teach some skills with me.

Please post a reply with any suggestions or advice. This would be my first time teaching a legit class, so I am welcome to hear any feedback!


Chanel Mignon van Eeden

Ps. I have an EP out. It’s called Dear Me by Chanel Mignon. I also have a soundcloud if you’re interested in hearing some of my sound work.


My oldests best friend is in his final year at scad. It’s such a great program!

I would love to get more digital and audio going here at the space. Let me know what the board can do to support you and I’ll work towards supporting it.

*Disclaimer - I am the least talented musician on earth and was once given a free shirt to not get up and sing karaoke again. So the only area I can’t help is in the actual making of music. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I am interested.

I will be scanning the classes to see when you will offer a class. Or let me know when you are offering a class or how I can get a consultation.

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I am going to take this next week to come up with a realistic lesson plan trajectory for us. It will be encouraging to ALL people to get involved in the music/sound making process! I will start off with some lower level concepts and techniques to get people going using Logic Pro X or Garageband. I will also do more software research to see what free options are out there for us to start off with once we get into a more advanced area of sound study.

This is going to be fun and experimental! So even if you got shut down by a mean ol’ Butthole Surfer at karaoke, you are welcome to check out the Sound Class I’ll be offering.

I’m so stoked and I hope and pray that y’all keep adding some ideas or interests.

For private consultations, I am busy setting up business accounts on social media. My Instagram is “@mignonchanel”. Anyone can DM me on there about business stuff for now or just DM me on here since I’m currently moving into being a freelancer full-time.

What program is he in?!

I also know the basics and am interested in extending my knowledge for Game Design if that is also an area of interest…

Not sure exactly, I’ll ask Connor and see.

There is also a game design program at utd and we have been talking with them about collaborating with their fablab, so that may be another way we can bring some game design classes here to the space.

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I am interested.

I can help if needed. I have a pretty lengthy resumes in audio and have been talking to a few folks and also have an interest in teaching. An audio based class. Let me know!


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I’m interested as well.

I’m very interested!

I’m also interested.

Thanks everyone for your interest! I will be finalizing a lesson plan next week. I’m meeting some professional German musicians this weekend to gather more teaching concepts. I do see that we don’t have access to much sound design software on the computers here, so I will be trying to come up with a lesson plan using Audacity this round.

I’m interested…

I’m also new to teaching at DMS and it has been an interesting challenge to try and teach Deep Learning to an audience that doesn’t have a background in math, statistics, or computer science. Similarly, most of your audience won’t have experience in music theory, working with audio data, working with recording devices, sound design, or anything like that. They’ll be blank slates and I think the challenge of trying to build knowledge on these blank slates makes lecturing at DMS even more engaging than lecturing to students with more background knowledge. You are forced to be extra creative because you can’t assume prior knowledge of this topic or that topic. IMO teaching here is like a game that is more fun because of the extra constraints imposed on the player.

My advice is to be extra wary of your own expertise and practice teaching the lesson out-loud a few times. When you know a lot about a topic, the information is sort-of compressed in your mind and it is very easy to trick yourself into thinking that you’ll only need 30 minutes to explain something when, in reality, you need 2 hours. This introduces a sort-of engineering challenge where you need to determine the theoretical minimum of education you need to progress from topic-to-topic. This will be a level of efficiency that not even universities or professional programs are forced to care about and you may find that your own knowledge of your field will expand tremendously as you attempt to decide which details are vital and which are not.

I would argue that Dallas Makerspace is actually in need of this type of education. There is a very large audiophile community within Dallas (really most major cities) that we have yet to directly appeal to. I think expertise has been the primary missing puzzle piece since I know that past Digital Media chairs/volunteers have spoken with me about wanting to do something like this. I think this is a smart investment in digital media and the board tends to be an enthusiastic supporter of diversifying our education. Given the level of interest expressed in this thread, I think they’d be willing to purchases licenses for your choice of software (so long as it is affordable).

Personally, I am also interested in learning about this topic.