Show and Tell November 2021

Fall Into Fun!

Having fun making at Dallas Makerspace? Help us join in by posting to this thread with some photos and a description of something you are working on this month at the 'Space (or wherever) and we’ll help you join in our fun, too!

Small craft projects, large CNC router projects, quick & dirty tools made by tools, and so much more happen at Dallas Makerspace. Cool things done at DMS by cool people often go unseen by our peers, not to mention the curious public. Post up here to share the interesting things you are doing with Dallas Makerspace this month!

These posts help promote cohesiveness and community at Dallas Makerspace, inspire others to make a cool something. and help our PR show off what can be done here using social media or blog posts (with attribution to each maker of course).

:bulb: NOTE: Consider the following on each post, to help make for richer experiences:

  • a QUALITY photo can help us with the vision
  • WHO you are, possibly for attribution outside of this venue, but also to help our fellow members get to know each other (or at least each other’s work)
  • WHAT you’ve made might not be immediately obvious, but even if it is, we :heart: a good story!
  • HOW you’ve made it (and perhaps HOW DMS helped) inspires others to follow along
  • WHY you made it (all about the inspiration, dontchaknow)


Three pieces started a few years ago that I finally put back on the lathe!


These are GORGEOUS! I love wood grain on the two on the sides.


Thank you! It was some pretty wood to work with!

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I made some more knife handles, with leather sheaths this time. And bonus glow in the dark resin materials for one.


This is a complete sentence.

Bike wheel holder, spent 4-6 hours with @MTLmanglr cleaning up and greasing the diacro bender and making a bend die, took about a minute to make the loop for the tire, another hour making the mounting brackets screwed to my garage wall. Will make it easier to check tire pressure and lube the chain before each ride.


Now that is cool!

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Work in progress. It’s going to be a bell guard for a decorative epee.


So many questions…
Is that glass or a stone
How big is it
Whats an epee and why does it need a bell guard
How did you make it

Are you making the blades or purchasing them? If you are purchasing them where did you buy them from?

I’m buying them as I do not yet have the skills to make them.

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Thanks a lot. I’m embarking on a knife making journey. I’ve made a number of handles and applied them to the Rockler/Woodcraft stocl knives. I’ve also bought a few Damascus steel blades online but I’ve not yet put a handle on them.

Your knives are beautiful.

Yeah I like this shop because the steel on their knives is decent, and they have almost everything you might want to do a full build.

thank you sir!

let me know if you ever want to meet up to make a hybrid wood/resin handle blank.

I may take you up on the resin build as I’m always looking for unique handle materials.

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Recently built 3 of those cheap DSO-138 oscilloscopes and today a kit for those came in to turn it into a Eurorack synthesizer module. Yeah, I ripped open that package like a kid on Christmas morning. :slight_smile:

It’s built and installed.


A lot of bushes in my neighborhood died from the cold snap last winter. I collected a few trunks and finally got around to turning them. From left to right: Red Tip Photina, Indian Hawthorn, Rose of Sharon, Texas Sage and Wisteria Vine. If you cut down any interesting bushes (at least 3" in diameter), let me know, I would love to try to turn them and add to my collection (and I’ll turn you a bottlestopper for the wood).


Finished up my Radio Music module… Still need to test it out, but got the firmware loaded and all the parts in place. :slight_smile:

This is what it does: